Eric Trump Addresses Supporters At Campaign Event In Beaver CountyPresident Donald Trump's son, Eric, visited Beaver County on Thursday.
2nd Presidential Debate Has New Rules But Substance Expected To Be The SameThursday's second and final presidential debate will be the last time to see the candidates side by side.
Ohio Sheriff Offers To 'Help Them Pack' If People Threaten To Leave If Donald Trump Is Re-ElectedA sheriff in Ohio is offering plane tickets and to help people pack if they threaten to leave the country if Donald Trump is re-elected.
With Multiple Visits To Pennsylvania, Candidates And Surrogates Are Thinking StrategicallyIf it seems like the presidential candidates and their surrogates cannot get enough of Pennsylvania, you are right.
Voice Of The Voters: Lawrence County Voters Weighing Many Issues Ahead Of Presidential ElectionKDKA hit the road to find out if Lawrence County voters felt the state would go blue or red this time around for the 2020 General Election.
The Blue-Collar Vote Could Be The Key To Winning PennsylvaniaWith two weeks until Election Day, experts believe the key to winning Pennsylvania lies with the working-class vote.
Man Sentenced To Time Served For Assaulting Secret Service Agents In Attempt To See President TrumpA man that assaulted Secret Service agents in West Virginia has been sentenced to time served.
President Donald Trump Holds Rally In EriePresident Donald Trump was in Erie for a rally on Tuesday night.
Voice Of The Voters: Fayette County Voters Focused On Economy As Election Day NearsIn 2016, President Donald Trump received 64% of the votes in Fayette County, compared to 33% for Hillary Clinton.
Polls Suggest Race Between Pres. Donald Trump And Joe Biden Is Tightening In PennsylvaniaPolls suggest the presidential race is tightening in Pennsylvania.
Eric Trump Hosting Campaign Event In Beaver County This WeekEric Trump is scheduled to come to Beaver County later this week.