Sen. Casey Demands Clean-Up At Parks Twp. Nuclear DumpDecades ago, hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of barrels of nuclear waste were buried on a 44-acre site in Parks Township, Armstrong County.
Residents Fight, Wait For Nuke Dump Clean-UpFor the past 25 years, Patty Ameno has fought a one-woman battle to clean up tons of nuclear waste buried on a 44-acre site in Parks Township, Armstrong County.
Report: Armstrong County Nuke Dump May Be Worse Than ThoughtA chain-linked fence topped with barbed wire encloses the 44-acre site in Parks, Armstrong County, where the grass-covered hills conceal a hidden menace.
Potassium Iodide TabletsHoping no one will ever need them, the state is making potassium iodide tablets available to people in certain areas.
Study: Radiation Could Benefit Certain Group Of Breast Cancer PatientsA new study is raising questions about the medical treatment for older women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Joan Safir, 76, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.
Genetic Tests On Lung Cancer May Someday Guide TreatmentLung cancers are not all the same. Part of the difference is in the cancer's genetics.
Medical Frontiers 12-5-11: Cancer and Radiation TreatmentThis week, <em>Medical Frontiers </em>discusses the treatment of cancer with radiation.
Are Cell Phones Damaging Our Brains?Chris Moore talks with Dr. Devra Davis, author of <em>The Secret History of the War on Cancer</em>, about whether cell phones and the countless other electronic devices that surround us on a daily basis are killing brain cells and contributing to cancer.