Hey Ray: Bringing Back Math MagicMath is a great prediction tool. You can even used grids disguised as card tricks to predict where a card will be. This week, Meteorologist Ray Petelin shows us what he calls a "Raymix" of a math-based card magic trick he showed us in one of the first Hey Ray segments.
Mild Or Wild: KDKA 2021-2022 Winter Weather ForecastWe've made it to November. There are just two months left in 2021, and that means snow is approaching probably sooner than most of us would like.
Hey Ray! Tornado Myths And MisconceptionsAfter tornadoes hit our area, I get some very good questions, and hear some untrue myths. One of them is the misconception that tornadoes don't form near mountains, valleys or lakes.
Hey Ray! Bending A Stream Of WaterWater and electricity should never mix. I think everyone knows that.  In this experiment, though, we are going to do an experiment with static electricity and water. All we need is a balloon, a gentle stream of water, and some hair.
Hey Ray! Hidden Colors In The LeavesMany people love the fall because of the colors foliage becomes before they drop their leaves.
Pittsburgh Weather: A Comfortable Sunday Gives Way To Warm MondayAfter Sunday's comfortable conditions, the bright and warm weather continues on Monday.
Hey Ray! Understanding HalosWhen you hear the word halo, you may think of an angel.  The topic here is halos, but these ones are in the sky, and something I get asked about a lot.
WATCH: Meteor Lights Up The Sky In Western PennsylvaniaSeveral reports poured in about a green fireball or meteor streaking across the sky in western Pennsylvania on Tuesday evening.
Hey Ray! Fitting A Round Coaster Through A Square Hole​I have a new problem this week. I need to get a round coaster through a square hole without ripping the paper.
Hey Ray! Area Vs. PerimeterI had a bit of a problem.  I needed to fit my entire body through a hole in a standard piece of printer paper. While this isn't a real problem, it is a fun way to show how the perimeter and area of something is related.
Pittsburgh Weather: Approaching Cold Front Prompts Tornado Watch, Tornado Warning As Season Changes To FallAn approaching cold front is moving our way and bringing showers and the potential for severe thunderstorms.