Hey Ray! Understanding Surface TensionIf you think about it, water can be kind of weird.
Pittsburgh Weather: Thunderstorms In Western Pa. Bring Damaging Winds, Heavy RainsCleanup is underway after severe weather hit western Pennsylvania on Monday.
Crews Respond To Flash Flooding, Downed Trees And Wires During Heavy StormsMonday afternoon storms caused widespread damage throughout Western Pennsylvania.
Hey Ray! Experimenting With GravityGravity is the force that attracts things toward other things that have mass.
Hey Ray! Dew Points Are Better Than Humidity For Determining ComfortIt may be controversial to say in these parts, but it is ridiculous to use relative humidity as an indicator of comfort.
Hey Ray! Why Cars Become So Hot Inside During SummerWe all know that in the summer, our cars basically turn into ovens.
Hey Ray! Light Pollution's Impacts On LifeLast week, we talked about how light pollution makes it harder, if not impossible to see some amazing things in the night sky.
Hey Ray! Light Pollution's Impact On The SkyDuring the daytime, when you look to the sky you can't see stars, or sometimes planets that you can see at night.  While daylight is the obvious reason, at night we may not be able to see some of the good stuff because of different kind of light called light pollution.
NOAA Forecasters Predict Above-Normal Hurricane SeasonThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its 2021 hurricane outlook Thursday.
Hey Ray! How To Use An Invisible Fire ExtinguisherThis is a fun experiment that is easy to do and requires very little set up. I like to call it the "Invisible Extinguisher," since it puts a candle out by using what seems to be an empty glass.
Hey Ray! How Broadcasting A TV Signal Worksor most of us, television has been around for most of our lives. A click of a remote, and information and entertainment appears before our eyes. A lot goes into making that seemingly easy thing happen, though.