Hey Ray! Understanding Static EquilibriumSometimes, seemingly real things on the internet turn out to be fake, and sometimes seemingly fake things on the internet turn out to be true.
Hey Ray! Understanding The Center Of GravityWe have discussed gravity in a couple different experiments. This time, I am going to show you something that may seem almost impossible to do.
Hey Ray! Feeling Changes In The WeatherThe atmosphere has weight. The near average weight is 14.7 pounds per square inch. That means every square inch of your body, on average, has 14.7 pounds of atmosphere pushing on it.
Pittsburgh Weather: Areas Just South Of Pittsburgh To Get Heavy Rainfall From Ida's RemnantsWe will be seeing rain this evening and Tuesday, but the main event comes with the remnants of what was Hurricane Ida.
Hey Ray! Why Flames Don't Cast ShadowsShadows are pretty much an everyday or every night occurrence. Since light travels in a straight line, when something gets in the way of that path, it creates an absence of light, or a shadow.
Hey Ray! How MRI's WorkHave you ever had to get an MRI?  That is the loud machine with a very powerful magnet that can make images of the inside of your body.
Hey Ray! What To Expect From The Perseid Meteor ShowerThe night sky is full of amazing things during the summer! One thing that peaks in August is the Perseid Meteor Shower, and it can be one of the biggest celestial highlights in the summer.
Hey Ray! Explaining What Heat Lightning IsWhen people refer to heat lightning, they are usually talking about seeing lightning, but not hearing thunder in the evening or nighttime, usually during the summer months.
Hey Ray! Visualizing The Coanda EffectHave you ever tried to pour something from one coffee cup into another, only to have the liquid seemingly stick to the side of the cup, resulting in a mess? Meteorologist Ray Petelin explains the science that makes that mess can also help us perform a pretty cool trick!
Hey Ray! Understanding Smog And Poor Air QualitySmog and air quality issues can happen in our area any time of the year. Meteorologist Ray Petelin shows us how some weather patterns and our daily routines can also make the air quality worse.
Pittsburgh Weather: Temps Hit 90s, Humidity Expected To Stick AroundThe heat and humidity started creeping up over the weekend, and now it is starting to feel like a sauna in the Pittsburgh area.
Hey Ray! Understanding Surface TensionIf you think about it, water can be kind of weird.
Pittsburgh Weather: Thunderstorms In Western Pa. Bring Damaging Winds, Heavy RainsCleanup is underway after severe weather hit western Pennsylvania on Monday.
Crews Respond To Flash Flooding, Downed Trees And Wires During Heavy StormsMonday afternoon storms caused widespread damage throughout Western Pennsylvania.
Hey Ray! Experimenting With GravityGravity is the force that attracts things toward other things that have mass.