Do Higher PennDOT Fees, Gas Tax Hikes Violate Governor's Campaign Pledge?When Gov. Tom Corbett signed Act 89, the Transportation Funding Bill, last November, it meant a hike in the gasoline tax and other PennDOT fees that are being phased in over the next couple years.
PennDOT Fees Go Up Again To Fund Roads, Bridges & TransitIf you thought the gasoline tax hike in Pennsylvania on Jan. 1 was the last of the tax increases associated with the Transportation Funding Bill -- well, think again.
Storm Brings Treacherous Road ConditionsIn most areas, officials are calling for people to stay off the roads.
Weekend Weather To Start Mild, End With StormBe sure to soak up the milder weather Saturday, because a big storm’s expected to roll through Sunday.
PennDOT Crews Working To Repair PotholesThe weather is warming up and that means more potholes are popping up.
Road Crews Deal With Overnight Snow, Minimal SaltAs Pittsburgh hunkers down for another round of snow, steps are being taken to stretch dwindling supplies of rock salt.
Towns Forced To Find Creative Solutions To Salt ShortageWalk into the Sewickley Heights salt dome and the problem is obvious: what’s left won’t last long.
Roads Untreated, Salt Supply Nearly GoneA salt shortage in the City of Pittsburgh may leave some roads untreated Sunday night.
Snow Leads To Traffic Nightmare In Many AreasContinuous snow all morning led to slick roads and dozens of fender benders throughout the city Sunday.
Westmoreland Co. Deals With Dire Salt ShortageThe salt situation in Westmoreland County was dire last week.
Severe Weather Has Plows, Salt Trucks Working Overtime City officials said crews will continue to plow and salt the roads as more snow moves into the area.
Mayor Using “Pothole Blitz” As Measuring Stick For Public Works’ Response RatesIt's hard to miss them, scarring so many local roads. But since the city’s “pothole blitz” started, crews have been hard at work, attempting to fill hundreds of potholes by the end of the week.
Phase II Of Southern Beltway UnderwayThe Findlay connector cuts a path from Pittsburgh International Airport to Route 22, where its concrete has come to a teasing end for years -- a symbol of what could be.
Mayor Peduto Orders 72-Hour "Pothole Blitz"They're big, deep and nasty -- and they're all over the place.
PennDOT Testing Beet Juice For Treating Icy, Snowy RoadsCould something from the garden help PennDOT deal with the snow and cold temperatures on the roads?