AT&T Becomes First Major Wireless Company To Automatically Block Spam CallsOn Tuesday, AT&T became the first major US wireless company to automatically block robocalls for its customers
Federal Communications Commission Warns Against Robocall Scheme That Can Drive Up Phone BillsThe FCC is warning consumers of a "one-ring" robocall scam that has been driving up phone bills.
Robocall Phone Scams On The Rise As Tax Day ApproachesWith Tax Day approaching, the number of scams impersonating the Internal Revenue Service and Social Security are on the rise.
PWSA: Technical Error Caused Robocalls About Past Due Water BillsThe Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority says a technical error caused a robocall to go out customers Monday morning about past-due bills.
'Do Not Call' Bill Receives Unanimous Approval By House LawmakersLegislation to improve and strengthen the states "Do Not Call" list was unanimously approved by lawmakers.
Tired Of Robocalls? New Apps May Be Able To HelpThere are some new ways you can keep robocalls from getting through to your phone.
Attorneys General Across America Call For End To ‘Spoofing’ RobocallsAttorneys general from around the country are joining forces in an effort to stop those annoying robo-calls.
Satellite-TV Firm Dish Fined $280 Million In Robocall SuitAn Illinois judge on Monday ordered satellite-TV company Dish to pay $280 million for calling people who said they didn't want to be bothered by telemarketers.
Apps, Cell Phone Carriers Help Block RobocallsRobocalls are a big problem right now, but there are ways you can block them for good.
Consumer Reports Tests Robocall-Blocking DevicesRobocalls are a nuisance. Even the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has said, “Telephone companies can and in fact should offer consumers robocall-blocking tools.”
New Programs Helping To Stop Unwanted Telemarketers, RobocallsMillions of people are on the national “Do Not Call” registry. But many still receive unwanted phone calls from telemarketers and computerized robocalls.