3-Feet Of Water Estimated To Have Flooded Rt. 28, Cleanup ContinuesAs traffic made its way along Route 28 Thursday, crews continued cleanup following flash flooding that stranded a vehicle on the busy roadway yesterday evening.
Swift Water Teams Rescue 2 People, Dog Trapped In Car On Flooded Route 28Pittsburgh Swift Water Rescue responded to people trapped in their vehicle due to flooding on Route 28.
Torrential Flooding Closes Southbound Lanes On Route 28The southbound lanes on Route 28 have been closed due to flooding.
Route 28 Lane Restrictions Take Effect Monday And Tuesday NightRoute 28 in O'Hara, Shaler, Sharpsburg, Etna and Millvale will have single-lane restrictions Monday and Tuesday night.
Police Officer Stops Wrong-Way Driver On Route 28A police officer took bold action early Thursday morning to stop a wrong-way driver on Route 28.
Northbound Route 28 Ramp To Chestnut St. Closed For RepairThe ramp will be closed starting Monday, April 8 through Saturday, April 13 for maintenance.
BOLO ALERT: Police Search For Suspect In Route 28 Road Rage ShootingPolice are searching for a driver who shot at another car on Route 28 in an apparent fit of road rage over the weekend.
School Bus Crash Closes Route 28 Inbound Lanes, Backs Up TrafficA crash involving a school bus slowed down traffic significantly during the early morning rush on Route 28 Wednesday.
Snow Creates Traffic Problems Across Region, Heavy Slowdowns Keep Drivers In Traffic For HoursIn any direction you were traveling during your Friday morning commute, it was a mess.
UPS Driver Who Caused Route 28 Chain Reaction Crash That Injured 3 People Found To Be DUI, In Possession of Open Container, MarijuanaThe driver of a UPS truck is accused of causing a chain reaction crash during rush hour on Route 28 Friday evening was found to be driving under the influence and in possession of an open container and marijuana.
Man Leads Police On Drunken Pursuit, Hitting Cars, Resisting ArrestA man led state police on a drunken chase on a busy Pittsburgh highway before resisting arrest Saturday evening.