COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: St. Clair Hospital Not Allocated Pfizer Vaccines For 1st ShotsFor the third week in the row, St. Clair Hospital says it hasn't been allocated any Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for first shots.
COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: Lack Of Vaccine Supply Forces St. Clair Hospital To Cancel First Dose AppointmentsSt. Clair Hospital says it's being forced to cancel first dose COVID-19 vaccine appointments through next week.
COVID-19 In Pittsburgh: St. Clair Hospital Hopes To Vaccinate 2,000 People In Group 1A This WeekSt. Clair Hospital is vaccinating some people in the top priority group -- Group 1A.
COVID-19 In Pittsburgh: St. Clair Hospital Expands Vaccine Distribution At Senior Living FacilitiesSt. Clair Hospital has announced plans to add vaccination clinics at senior living facilities.
COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: St. Clair Hospital Installs Coronavirus 'Inactivating Technology'To keep the air clean, hospitals use positive pressure in some places to keep microbes from getting in, and negative pressure in other places to clear them out.
Pittsburgh-Area Hospital Offers New, Less-Invasive Option For Mitral Valve RepairSurgery is still the best option for fixing the mitral valve if a patient can tolerate it.
'It's Gonna Try To Knock You Out': Dormont Man Shares Story Of Survival After Battling CoronavirusMarine, retired postal worker and former boxing club director Michael Bayens thought he was invincible.
St. Clair Hospital Named One Of Nation's Top 100 Hospitals In 2020St. Clair Hospital was found to be one of the nation's top 100 hospitals by IBM Watson Health.
WATCH: First Responders Line Up Outside St. Clair Hospital To Cheer And Thank Health Care Workers During Shift ChangePolice officers, firefighters and EMS workers lined up outside St. Clair Hospital to cheer and thank health care workers during a shift change.
Coronavirus Changes: Local Hospitals Only Allowing One Visitor During Labor & DeliveryAmid the coronavirus outbreak, local hospitals have changed their policy to only allow one visitor during labor and delivery.
Coronavirus In Pittsburgh: St. Clair Hospital Screens Employees When They Come To Work For Added ProtectionSt. Clair Hospital is now screening all of its employees when they come to work.