Lawmakers Disagree As State Budget Deadline NearsThe first votes on the budget legislation are expected Monday, but lawmakers are awaiting details.
Wolf Urges State House To Act On Revenue PackageLate last month, the state Senate passed a measure to close the $2.2 billion budget gap, and now Governor Wolf is pressuring the House to move forward.
State Lawmakers Look For Way To Balance $32 Billion BudgetLegislative leaders met Monday afternoon to come up with a plan to pay for the budget they passed last Friday.
Lawmakers Approve State Budget On Time Without Funding Plan To Pay For ItWithout knowing how they will pay for it, state lawmakers adopted a budget that spends $31.996 billion before the midnight constitutional deadline.
Pennsylvania's Budget Woes Will Deepen With Aging PopulationPennsylvania state government is facing perhaps its most difficult budget year since the recession, and demographic trends will provide no relief in coming years.
April Tax Collections Bring More Bad News For PennsylvaniaAnother bad month of tax collections is deepening Pennsylvania state government's budget hole.
Pennsylvania House GOP Plan Doubles Down On Spending Cuts House Republicans are advancing a $31.5 billion no-new-taxes budget proposal for Pennsylvania state government.
As Late Budgets Go, Illinois Has No EqualIllinois has redefined what it means to have a late budget.
Gov. Wolf: A 'Train Wreck' Is Coming If Budget Isn't BalancedDemocratic Gov. Tom Wolf is warning of huge cuts in spending for education and local services next year without a balanced budget as Pennsylvania lawmakers return to the state Capitol.
Wolf: Money Isn’t There For Funding State-Related UniversitiesA push by the Republican majority in Pennsylvania's House of Representatives to free up $578 million for Penn State and other state-related universities has failed.
Partial Budget Good News For Schools, But Maybe Not For LongThe partial state budget Gov. Tom Wolf signed this week brought good news for Pennsylvania's 500 school districts, provided a stage for political venting by the leaders of state government and underscored the bad news...