Families Protest Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Anthony Hamlet Before First Day Of SchoolOn the last night of summer vacation, some parents protested Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Anthony Hamlet.
Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Anthony Hamlet Facing State Fines And Sanctions For Ethical ViolationsPittsburgh Public Schools' superintendent is facing state fines and sanctions for ethical violations as a result of a KDKA Investigation.
Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Discusses District's Future With City Council MembersPittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Anthony Hamlet said the district is looking into many ways to close the achievement gap.
After A Year Of Challenges, Pittsburgh Public Schools Sees Return To Normal On The HorizonThe year was filled with ups and downs, especially for school districts with teachers and students balancing the constant changes from online learning to in-person.
Pittsburgh Public Schools Parents Enraged After Photos Show Superintendent Anthony Hamlet Without Mask While With Friends In FloridaPhotos have surfaced of Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Anthony Hamlet out with friends in Florida and not wearing a mask.
Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Proposes Plan To Close 7 Schools And 6 BuildingsA major announcement was made by the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and you have a chance to weigh in on a newly proposed plan that would reduce and restructure parts of the school system's footprint.
Pittsburgh Public Schools Passes Hybrid Learning ResolutionThe Pittsburgh Public Schools board says if students start hybrid learning, it wouldn't be until the second semester.
Pittsburgh Public Schools Board Reads Divided Comments About Future Of Superintendent Anthony HamletPittsburgh Public Schools board members met for one of several virtual meetings this week to discuss technology and the future of Superintendant Anthony Hamlet.
Pittsburgh Public Schools Teachers Begin Training For School Year Unlike Any OtherTeachers in Pittsburgh Public Schools have started training for remote learning.
Pittsburgh Public Schools Board Member Says Anthony Hamlet Is Not The Superintendent To Move District Forward
'Providing Access To Computers To Marginalized Students Is A Game Changer', PPS Supt. Says As District Works To Get Technology To StudentsThe 23,000 students in Pittsburgh Public Schools are all doing remote learning for the first time this week, but about half of them don’t have access to a computer at home.