Owner: Financial Rescue Uncertain, Three Mile Island To Proceed With ClosureThe owner of Three Mile Island says it now appears certain it will not get a financial rescue from Pennsylvania and said it will go ahead with a planned shutdown starting June 1.
Three Mile Island Disaster Helped Spawn Pittsburgh Robotics IndustryWhen disaster struck, no human could see or venture inside the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant where a meltdown in the reactor core caused radioactive coolant water to pool eight-feet high in the basement.
40 Years Later: Three Mile Island, Nation's Worst Nuclear Power Plant Disaster In HistoryThursday, March 28th marks 40 years since the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant near Harrisburg.
Heated Debate Expected At Pa. Capitol Over Nuclear Power Plant Bailout LegislationLong-anticipated legislation to pump hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars into Pennsylvania's five nuclear power plants is being introduced.
Three Mile Island Notifies Regulators Of Intent To CloseThe owners of the Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island nuclear plant have formally notified regulators and a regional power grid operator of their previously announced intentions to close the plant.
Owner: Three Mile Island Power Plant To Close In 2 YearsOwner says it plans to close Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island nuclear plant, site of 1979 partial meltdown, in two years.
Former Gov. Thornburgh: Japan Crisis 'Unparalleled'Few people from Pittsburgh know firsthand what it’s like to try to manage a potential nuclear disaster like Dick Thornburgh. He was governor of Pennsylvania at the time of the Three Mile Island emergency.
Learning From Three Mile IslandMike Pintek recalls his experiences covering the Three Mile Island disaster.