Department of Labor and Industry Holding Virtual Workshops For Unemployment Compensation System TransitionThe Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry will hold four virtual workshops to help people prepare for the transition to the new unemployment compensation system.
Pennsylvania GOP Wants To Restore Work-Search Rule For Unemployment BenefitsRepublicans in Pennsylvania’s GOP-controlled Legislature are advancing legislation to reinstate work-search requirements for people claiming unemployment benefits, with one survey showing that workers aren’t taking open jobs at a record rate.
Pennsylvania To Launch New Unemployment Compensation SystemThe state is launching a new unemployment compensation system to replace the current one, which an audit described as “held together with bubble gum and rubber bands.”
Taxpayers Get 1099 Forms From Unemployment Office For Income They Never ReceivedFriday is the first day to file your tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service.
Head Of Pennsylvania Labor And Industry Concedes 'Frustration' With Unemployment SystemThe Department of Labor and Industry head is offering a mea culpa for recent issues involving pandemic unemployment checks.
Pennsylvanians Temporarily Unable To View, Manage Unemployment Compensation PaymentsThe Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry tweeted on Saturday morning that claim management on their site, which includes being able to check payment status, view payments, view or pay overpayments, and view and print 1099G, was down to claimers due to system maintenance.
Hundreds Of Thousands Pennsylvanians Waiting On Delayed Unemployment ChecksIt's been weeks since hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians have received unemployment checks.
Unemployed Pennsylvanians Now Getting An Extra $300 Per WeekUnemployed Pennsylvanians are about to get a boost.
Pennsylvania Lost Wages Assistance Program Set To Begin TodayPennsylvanians out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic will get more relief to the tune of $300 extra dollars, beginning today.
Global Internet Outages Made Unemployment Compensation Websites Inaccessible For Hours, Intermittent Issues Still Expected After Systems RestoredIf you were having issues accessing Pennsylvania's unemployment compensation websites Sunday morning, you were not alone.
Many In Pennsylvania Still Desperate For Unemployment AnswersFour weeks have come and gone since the last $600 weekly federal benefit hit peoples’ bank accounts.