Kids Have Missed 9 Million Vaccine Doses In 2020Millions of children missed their routine immunizations this year.
'Communities In Schools - Pittsburgh Allegheny County' Providing Kids With Free VaccinationsFamilies can get their children vaccinated at no cost on Friday thanks to a collaboration between charitable organizations.
Get Your Flu Shots And Get Them Early This Year, Doctors SayThe U.S. flu season typically doesn’t start until winter, but most places start distributing the vaccine in September.
Local Doctor Urges Colleagues To Speak Out Against Anti-Vaccine MovementDr. Todd Wolynn is fighting back against an anti-vaccine movement that has taken hold on social media.
Century-Old Tuberculosis Vaccine May Work Better If Given In New WayScientists think they’ve figured out how to make a century-old tuberculosis vaccine far more protective: Simply give the shot a different way.
Stray Cat Tests Positive For Rabies In Baldwin BoroughThe Allegheny County Health Department announced that a feral cat brought to a state laboratory tested positive for rabies.
Kidsburgh Kidcast: The Facts On VaccinesWith kids going back to school, vaccines are critical to keeping kids healthy, especially with the measles outbreak that's at its highest levels since the disease was essentially eliminated in the U.S.
Couple Vows To Move Out Of State To Avoid Vaccinating Their KidsA mother of five in upstate New York says she and her husband plan to sell their home, quit their jobs and move to another state after lawmakers repealed their religious exemptions from school vaccination requirements.
Study: HPV Vaccine Could Help Eliminate Cervical CancerThe vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV) may eliminate cervical cancer, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal The Lancet.
Thousands Of Unvaccinated Kindergartners Enrolled Without Formal ExemptionStates are heatedly debating whether to make it more difficult for students to avoid vaccinations for religious or philosophical reasons amid the worst measles outbreak in decades, but schoolchildren invoking such waivers are outnumbered in many states by those who give no excuse at all for lacking their shots.
Student Who Sued Over Chickenpox Policy Comes Down With The IllnessThe high school senior who went to court after he was barred from playing basketball because he wasn’t vaccinated against chickenpox has come down with the illness, his lawyer said Tuesday.