Fayette County District Attorney: 2 Voters Received Pre-Filled Mail-In BallotsA case of possible voter fraud is being investigated in Fayette County.
Swissvale Native Jack Burkman Facing Charges For Robocalls Making False Claims In MichiganThe Swissvale native is facing felony charges for his involvement in a robocall campaign spreading disinformation about mail-in voting.
As Deadline For Mail-In Ballot Applications Passes, Some Voters Say They've Gotten Multiple BallotsTuesday, May 26, was the last day to apply to vote by mail.
4 Groups Seek To Intervene In Lawsuit Filed Against Allegheny Co. Over Purging Voter PollsFour groups are asking a federal judge to let them intervene in a lawsuit filed against Allegheny County elections officials by a conservative group that wants to prune the voter registration rolls.
Under Threat Of Lawsuit, Allegheny Co. Purging 69,000 Inactive Voters From RollsAt the Board of Elections, there are tens of thousands of registrations for voters who are deceased, moved away or haven't voted in several years that need to be culled from the rolls.
Wolf Says Pennsylvania Won't Help Trump Voter Fraud GroupPennsylvania's Democratic governor says he's not going to cooperate with a presidential commission looking into voting fraud, but the Trump administration can purchase publicly available voter lists.
Pa. Lawmakers Tangle Over Allegations Of Voter FraudDemocrats on the House Appropriations Committee sought to dispel notions of voter fraud.
Gov. Wolf Says Trump's Voter Fraud Claims Are 'Dangerous'Donald Trump continues to insist that there's a lot of fraud in the U.S. voting system. Yesterday, Trump lashed out at Republicans who've tried to tone him down, calling his own party's leaders "so naive."
Dr. Ed Rhymes Talks Gun Control, Voter Fraud Dr. Edward Rhymes, author of "When Racism Is Law & Prejudice Is Policy" joined The Chris Moore Show to discuss the state of America and some of the most hotly-debated current issues.
Opinion: Brain Dead Politics In VirginiaKen Cuccinelli aspires to be the next governor of Virginia after spending four years trying to deny women's health care rights, blocking Obamacare and forcing his ideology and personal beliefs on the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Opinion: On Election Eve Major Concerns About DisenfranchisementFrom Florida and Ohio early vote disasters with long lines to power outages in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York there are doubts that some people will have the opportunity to participate in this election.