Tale Of The Tape: Best Pittsburgh Athletes Of 2015

(Photo Credit: Abbey Way/93.7 The Fan)
Credit: Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 1st Round
    Andrew McCutchen - "A guy whose excellence almost flies under the radar at time."
    Jung Ho Kang - "I'm not necessarily going with the best athletes, I'm picking the guy that I enjoyed watching the most."
  • 2nd Round
    J.A. Happ - "The guy was basically Roger Clemens during his time with the Pirates."
    Antonio Brown - "Chris has called him the Jerry Rice of this generation!"
  • 3rd Round
    Cam Heyward - "He had as solid of a year as any Pittsburgh sports athlete."
    Jordan Whitehead - "A guy that I absolutely loved watching."
  • 4th Round
    Mike Mitchell - "Based on how polarizing he is and the way he crushes opponents."
    Tony Watson - "I don't think there was anyone, maybe in all of sports, that quietly handles business the way he does."
  • 5th Round
    Ben Roethlisberger - "Has had a phenomenal season in the games he has played."
    Bobby Farnham - "He'll fight anyone and defend everyone on my team."
  • 6th Round
    Clint Hurdle - The only coach who hasn't failed miserably
    Mike Johnston - "He won one more playoff game than Clint Hurdle last year."
Mueller takes this one by the slimmest of margins, but we appreciate Starkey's reasoning for picking Johnston.