Which Football Fans Are More Tolerable? New York Jets Fans Vs. New England Patriots Fans

(credit: Al Bello/Getty Images)
(credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
  • Insufferable?
  • Loudmouth Head Coach (That The Fans Love)?
    Heavens yes. He won’t shut up.
    Sometimes snarky, but no.
  • EVIL Head Coach (That The Fans Love)?
    Nah. Rexy seems all right. Just doesn’t know when to keep quiet.
    Belichick might have demolished an orphanage before.
  • Irritating Quarterback That The Fans Won’t Shut Up About?
    For sure.
    Nooooooo doubt.
  • First Thing You See When You Google Their Name?
    See photos above.
    See photos above.
  • Thing They Just Can’t Get Over?
    Probably losing back-to-back AFC Championships.
    Probably losing two Super Bowls to the Giants.
Edging out the Jets by a scarce 5-4 margin, the Patriots - just barely - take home the trophy of “more tolerable fans...sort of.” Of course, I myself am a Patriots fan, so I was never going to let New York take this, because I’m petty like that. Go Pats! -Brian Cullen, CBS Local Sports contributor

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