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The trick to a successful adventure at the zoo and aquarium is having a plan. What exhibits do you want to see the most? What treats do you want to make sure you get? Are there souvenirs you must have from your trip? What do you want to eat when the day is done and where do you want to eat it? The importance of having a guide is paramount in enjoying a future memory of good times and fantastic adventures. Without a plan, you might miss out on seeing a new adorable baby gorilla or waving hello to the sunbathing alligator every visitor has grown to know and love. Welcome to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium guide.

Alligator at Pittsburgh Zoo (Credit: Angel Rodrigues)

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
1 Wild Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 665-3640

A trip to the zoo can be an exciting time for all. Everything from the jungle and zoo animals, to the safari adventures and indoor aquarium of exotic never-before-seen sea life is an adventure. The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium has recently launched a new campaign to remind everyone that the zoo is for everyone. Its #Zooforall campaign is advertised all over the greater Pittsburgh area. Drawing in hundreds of visitors daily, the zoo and aquarium are full of new and exciting things taking place daily. Whether it is new babies being born, new kiosk shops or exhibits, the zoo is never the same place year after year. Not to say that the trusty old friends that the locals have grown to know and love aren’t there too, because they are. The rock-bathing alligator and the salad-munching beavers are still there to see old visitors return and help new visitors discover why the zoo is a great place to visit. Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium is constantly adding to its zoo and helping its patrons get the most out of their memberships or daily admissions.

Kids eating at the Zoo (Credit: Angel Rodrigues)

Trips to the zoo are never complete without strolling through the various gift shops or quick-bite kiosks. One all-time favorite of most on a hot day is a Dippin’ Dots treat. Loved by kids of all ages, this tasty treat stays cold and icy longer than regular ice cream and comes in all kinds of fun and exciting colors and flavors. What kind of day at the zoo is it without a tasty treat to mark the occasion?

One of the most popular restaurants in the zoo is the Safari Grill Restaurant. Open all year long (some of the others are closed in the winter months), this restaurant is African Safari themed. Smack dab in the middle of the zoo, anybody can plan a whole day around exploring and stopping at a halfway point in the day to catch a bite to eat. Along with indoor dining, there is outdoor covered dining for those great outdoor days. The talked-about Tree Top Deck is one of the main attractions at this restaurant. The menu is just what you would want in a zoo restaurant with hot meals, cold sandwiches, cold and hot drinks and tons of sides and desserts to choose from.

Beaver (Credit: Angel Rodrigues)

Once the zebras have been visited, the petting zoo strolled through, the kangaroos have showed you their joeys and the gorillas have pranced around their new offspring, the day has drawn to a close it is time to load up the car. The zoo has an easy enter and exit parking lot that makes visiting a breeze. Not all adventures have to come to a close at this point. Maybe you would like to stop for some ice cream and noticed a zebra-designed building across the street. Head on over and check out the Ice Cream Station Zebra.

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Ice Cream Station Zebra
7331 Butler St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 661-6929

If you’re looking for a local eatery that isn’t expensive but has great food and great customer service, stop at the Ice Cream Station Zebra. Stationed just outside the zoo gates, this little restaurant is a great place to eat some family-friendly foods, ice cream, drinks or whatever you fancy that day. Everything from chicken tender baskets, fries, pizza, soft serve ice cream and frozen drinks are served here. Some locals prefer to stop in before heading into the zoo and others on their exit. No matter what you fancy, the Ice Cream Station Zebra is the place to visit for all zoo and aquarium guests.

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