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Ah, the much-anticipated snow day. If the kids are home from school and you’re lucky enough to be off too, take a mental break and enjoy a play day with the kids. If you are looking for some fun things to do, Abby Lawson of Just A Girl And Her Blog has a few ideas for you. Here are some ways that she keeps her two boys busy during a snow day.

Abby Lawson
Just A Girl And Her Blog

Abby Lawson started her blog in 2013 as a way to stay creative as a stay-at-home mom. Since then, her blog has developed into a mecca for all things organized and beautiful, side-by-side with great and practical parenting tips. You can get some great advice from Abby (and her super handy husband, Donnie) on great DIY projects, staying organized, writing a blog and get some fun kid stories along the way.

Build A Fort

Everything is more fun in a fort. Plus, they’re easy to make using just some blankets and chairs, couches, or a table. They can be as simple or elaborate as you want, and kids can use their imaginations to make them anything from a castle to a jungle hideout to a pirate ship! Plus building and playing in a fort is sure to occupy quite a few hours of your kids’ time.

Set Up An Obstacle Course

Kids always love a new challenge! This one helps them to build creativity and motor skills as well.  Use things from around the house that they can climb over, under, around and through. Items that are sturdy such as small chairs and step stools and soft items such as a stack of pillows are some fun options. Once they have done the course themselves a few times, let them set up a course for you to complete too.

Have A Beach Themed Day

Lots of snow always has us dreaming of warm, beachy weather, so why not create your own beach day inside? Have a picnic lunch on a beach blanket. Play “beach” volleyball with a balloon or beach ball. Put on some beachy music. Have a “sand” castle building contest using play-doh. You can even have “swim” time in the bath tub!

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Bake Cookies For The Neighbor

Nothing brightens someone’s day like a little act of kindness! Bake some yummy cookies, have the kids write a note or draw a picture to go with them, then get bundled up and deliver them to the neighbors. Chances are, your neighbor is snowed in and wishing for cookies, so it is sure to be a much-appreciated treat.

Make A Mural

Use paper bags, a big roll of paper, or the back side of some wrapping paper to create a large drawing surface and let the kids color away. You can give them a theme, make up a story and illustrate it together, or just let them draw whatever comes to their imagination.

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