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Lynanne Master is a genuine master at everything “shower.” From preparation to cooking and decorating, and coordinating to cleaning up, she puts on one heck of a baby shower. Her diaper cakes are legendary and she’s even been known to play drinking games at the party – with everyone but the mama-to-be, of course. If you’re invited to one of Lynanne’s fetes, consider yourself to be in the in. Lucky for CBS Local, she sat down to share her unique wisdom for those of us who aren’t as fortunate to be included in one of her outstanding parties. Take her tips to the bank and throw your own memorable baby or bridal shower, and make sure to reach out if you have questions, would like to hire her for a consultation or to coordinate the entire event. Lynanne can be reached at

Garden City Banquet Hall
600 Garden City Drive
Monroeville, PA 15146
(412) 372-1837

If you’re looking for inexpensive, easy set up/clean up and a kitchen to use to heat up food for your baby shower, look no further than this first recommendation by our expert Lynanne. She recommends Garden City Banquet Hall because your hosts will be afforded carte blanche to decorate and have a fabulous celebration for up to 50 people. Lynanne suggests this site if you’re interested in saving a buck by doing everything yourself, but want a clean, amenable atmosphere for your laid-back celebration. Be advised, however, that there are a lot of stairs present before accessing the banquet room. Call for more information or to book your next event.

Butler’s Golf Course
800 Rock Run Road
Elizabeth, PA 15037
(412) 751-9121

If you’re looking to write a single check and have the rest taken care of, take note of Lynanne’s next selection. Butler’s will do everything for you, from setting up, to serving and breaking down. Lynanne says the food is delicious, the scenery exquisite and the attentive wait staff is unbeatable. Butler’s also offers multiple room sizes to choose from and easy access to load and unload your goodies. You may also have as much or as little responsibility as you’d like when planning and setting up the event – call or visit Butler’s website for pricing info and availability.

1808 Golden Mile Highway
Plum, PA 15239
(724) 327-8991

If you want to have a little more control over your shower in a small, intimate setting, check out Lynanne’s next selection. Pugliano’s has an excellent menu, and you may set your own budget, which it will work around to fit your specific needs. The wait staff is incredibly friendly, attentive and professional, and the old, rustic atmosphere is perfectly suited to those who like a quiet, demure party. Parking tends to get a bit tricky, Lynanne warns, so make sure your guests are aware that this venue is small; suggest carpooling.

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4727 William Penn Highway
Monroeville, PA 15146
(412) 373-8575

The beauty of looking into Jaden’s for your baby shower is that this outstanding facility will either cater the party at your choice of venue (one of the aforementioned options on this list, or even your home), or you may take full advantage of its spacious banquet room. Situated in the basement of this fine establishment, Jaden’s party room can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people and employs some of the most knowledgeable, professional service people in the industry. You may opt to decorate the room yourself or have Jaden’s do all the work for you, and you may also have your choice of a staggering array of menu options. Breakfast, brunch or dinner options abound, with fabulous hors d’oeuvres, bountiful drink options and desserts. Lynanne suggests a sit-down meeting with the party coordinators to have every option explained in detail and try a sampling – you’ll be delighted at everything this venue has to offer and stunned at its reasonable prices.

The Lamplighter

The Lamplighter
6566 Route 22
Delmont, PA 15626
(724) 468-4545

For the best of both worlds, Lynanne suggests looking into The Lamplighter for your venue. This restaurant and coffee shop has been a hallmark in the Delmont area for decades and has perfected its menu and banquet services. While smaller and intimate, The Lamplighter also offers enough capacity for a large group, and will allow you full control over the party. Set up and clean up will be a snap, and the buffet option offers easy serving for small and large groups. Lynanne’s only warning is that both booths and tables are seating options, so older guests may want to avoid the tighter spaces.

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