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Even though magazines can present the latest trends to all be hip or elegant, sometimes it’s difficult to decide if a new trend will work for you. Some trends straight from the runway are not quite practical for an everyday lifestyle and some are just not friendly to all body types. Often by the time you decide if you should spend time or money on a new trend, it is already over. There are some trends you can take a little more time with, though. Some trends become classics and can define a time period or even a decade. According to Kacia Hosmer of Coconut Robot, a fashion and lifestyle blog, here are some trends that appeared in 2014 and are likely to be here for the long haul.

Kacia Hosmer
Coconut Robot

Originally from Wisconsin, Kacia Hosmer and her family enjoy city life in Pittsburgh. She is a blogger, artist and mother. Her blog, Coconut Robot, is a wonderful collection of interesting art, beautiful photos, parenthood and fashion. Kacia offers information on where to find the latest trends and cozy fashion perfect for women with busy lifestyles.

Higher Waisted Jeans

This year’s trend toward jeans with a higher waist does not mean that the dreaded “mom jeans” have made a comeback. These higher waisted styles are much more figure flattering with well cut legs and a great fit for hips, waist and bottom. A higher cut jean is perfect for tucking in shirts to show off a skinny waist or hiding that dreaded muffin top for curvier ladies, not to mention the comfort of moving and bending without worrying about exposure.

The Nude Lip

While bright lips have been the favorite for the last few seasons, the nude lip has made a fresh appearance this year. This year’s nude lip is natural, understated and a little glossy. It’s chic without being showy and gives an effortless look to your make-up. With this updated nude lip, eyes are sure to be the focus for the next few seasons.

Ankle Boots

If you’ve ever tried to squeeze muscular calves into tall boots, you will be happy to know that ankle boots are a fresh trend with staying power. With a slimmer profile than Ugg style boots and more comfort than tall boots, the ankle boot is flattering to all body types and cute with a slim legging and boot cut pant alike.

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Flannel And Plaid

Though at first glance it may take you back to the ’90s, this year’s flannel and plaid are a completely different trend. Rather than grungy, these are form fitting, feminine and cuddly with new takes on traditional tartan patterns. Updated cuts and colors with cozy fabric are sure to have us mad for plaid for a long time to come.

The Angled Bob

Updated from the style made famous by Victoria Beckham, the new angled bob is a bit chunkier and a little more sharp than its previous incarnation. This classic, chic style is flattering to a variety of hair textures and face shapes. The angled bob can also serve as the base to a number of variations including up-do styles that make it a versatile and easy-to-care-for style.

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