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Catherine is a diligent owner and each client meets with her to decide what fashion is appropriate, and she takes the time to warrant that everything blends together. Her longevity in the clothing business and attention to detail are the perfect match and direction to chose the correct clothes and accessories. The clothing line is upscale and each item in her store is arranged with class and artistic styling. Exclusive brands include Lafayette, 148, Max Mara, and Marisa Baratelli that Catherine can suggest for an overall fabulous appearance. Catherine lists some valuable summer trends that will make you look your absolute best with eye-catching styling and top of the line clothes and accessories.

Catherina Clothing Store
618 Allegheny River Blvd.
Oakmont, PA 15139
(412) 828-1995

Owner Catherine Ferris has been in the clothing business for over 20 years and her shop in Oakmont sports a recognizable sign at the store entrance and once you enter, you will find a unique variety of clothes and accessories. Prior to opening her shop, Catherine worked with an exclusive London-based company, Joeger International. She continues to elaborate on the styling inherent to Joeger International, which is known for fine fabrics and exquisite tailoring. Her main mission has been to assist women in achieving their best style and to offer the knowledge of new trends in the clothing business.


Catherine suggested that the look of the jackets are one new piece that can make a difference. Make it your style and that means to choose what best fits your look and it can be a short or long look. The summer season and cool evening breezes will work perfectly with either a bold print or tweeds in beautiful colors. Catherine mentions with a slim pant, it’s best to choose an oversized jacket.

Dresses and Skirts

The summer fashion trends have options and make it your style of what to wear that is comfortable during a hot and or steamy day. The look for dresses leans towards the patio length with light and romantic fabrics. Beautiful and colorful floral prints with a soft fluid drape make for a dazzling combination, and bold white can’t be overlooked in the summer. Skirts with a flirty fabric and fringe embellishment are trendsetters. Summer brings the long retro maxi and the short skirt with bold patterns and stripes. The pencil skirt introduces a new modern length just in time for the sunny days without worrying about a wardrobe decision.


Stripes are in high demand this summer and look for a strong, horizontal or vertical appearance in the office, at play or a casual day with friends or family. The beautiful standout fabrics relaxed silhouettes have a professional look that will make an appealing message of upscale styling. There are new twin sets and longer cardigans that will be compatible  with temperatures outside, while keeping you comfortable inside. The look of metallic embellishment has an aura of creativity and the artistic designs pull everything together.

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Catherine is adamant when it comes to pants and their colors. The summer season may be sticky and hot, but a fuller, long pant in linen or silk is a feel and fit that will be cozy and stylish. The sizes and length of either the crop wide leg or ankle pant is one that suits each individual differently, but Catherine will work one-on-one with you to finish the fitting that is tailored to your needs.  Another choice is the slim pant as an accessory to the volume top.


The final stage of the clothing process is to find accessories to complete the styling process with a flair that makes a statement. The jewelry choices should include bold colors and geometric shapes. The shoes or sandals use an ultra chic style in neutral shades such as camel or beige. If you are looking for a particular size of a purse, then look for a smaller size to complement the rest of your look.

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