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The time is always right for barbecue and the Pittsburgh region abounds with an array of opportunities. There are restaurants and roadside places that will fit into the culinary delights of anxious customers just waiting for a delicious blend of seasonings, sauces and diverse menus. There are instances to enjoy the barbecue both inside and outside of the establishments or choose a takeout or catering service. Each barbecue place has its own meal preparation that is backed with culture and experience to help make the menu selections a taste of barbecue excellence.

The Flame BBQ
1805 Babcock Blvd.
Shaler, PA 15209
(412) 821-0201

There are two restaurants to choose from for a delectable The Flame BBQ experience, and the diversity of menu selections make for an awe-inspiring extravaganza of tastes. The barbecue preparation, seasonings and sauces are made with the best products available and the baby back and spare ribs seem to be a customer favorite. Lou, the owner, comments that the meats are brined, smoked and all lean meats are used in the barbecue process. Customers may relax inside or on the outdoor patio and have an opportunity for takeout and catering services. There are many side choices to complement an extraordinary barbecue experience and an added attraction is a popular pulled pork, potato and cheese pierogi.

Selma’s Texas Barbeque
9155 University Blvd.
Moon Township, PA 15108
(412) 329-7003

You don’t have to prepare a rocket launch to the moon for a delectable barbecue event. All that it takes is a jaunt to Selma’s in Moon Township for a unique culinary experience. The meats have a variety of rubs and specialty sauces to complement the pulled pork, chicken and St. Louis ribs. The diversity of the menu offers a multitude of selections that the customers may add their own sauces to any meat choice. There are takeout and catering services available for the community for all types of gatherings. The owners, David L. Brown and Ryan Courter, have traveled to barbecue places in the Midwest and south regions and the National BBQ Association to offer the best barbecue experience for their customers.

YinzBurgh BBQ
4903 Baum Blvd.
Piitsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 621-9469

The reviews are in and it seems “Yinz” is in for a Southern, mouth-watering experience at YinzBurgh BBQ. And it seems it’s all in the rub, not the sauce. The favorite menu choices appear to be the beef brisket, ribs, pulled pork and the chicken combos. Even though there are catering services available, there are also alternatives for vegan and gluten-free selections. The friendly atmosphere and exquisite smells draw your attention for a pleasurable dining excursion. If you like your barbecue smoked, succulent and tasty, then YinzBurgh BBQ will meet your needs for a down-home experience.

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Union Pig & Chicken
220 N. Highland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 363-7675

Located in East Liberty, the Union Pig and Chicken restaurant is a great place to try an assortment of barbecue selections that include beef brisket, ribs, chicken and pork. The arrangements of the tables make for a cozy atmosphere that has a comfortable feeling of being with friends or family. There are a variety of sides to add to the barbecue environment and an ample selection of drinks. Reservations are on a limited schedule and a catering service is available upon request. After experiencing the aromas of the smoked meats, tantalizing sauces and the best pulled pork in Pittsburgh, you may start planning your return visit.

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Two Brothers Bar-B-Q Restaurant & Catering
5228 Thoms Run Road
Presto, PA 15142
(412) 257-2950

Just like in a magic sequence with the word “presto” at the final surprise, there is another magical barbecue surprise in Presto at the Two Brothers BBQ restaurant. Don’t let the quaint facade fool you with its log-like appearance as there are award-winning barbecue choices on the diverse menu. The barbecue pit prepares smoked ribs and pulled pork, which seem to be the favorite menu choices, but there are delicious entrees including beef brisket, chicken, shrimp and smoked wing selections that are also available as takeout. There are picnic tables in a comfortable seating arrangement for the customers beside the restaurant. Two Brothers BBQ is well versed in catering services and the outstanding selections will make for a memorable event.

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