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As a sports town, Pittsburgh is blessed with some of the country’s best public sports fields and courts. Whether you’re looking to get a pick-up game of ball going with your friends or perfect your pitch, there are plenty of local parks and public schools that offer nice fields for play. From family friendly fields located within community parks to professionally maintained ballparks used by local leagues, there is a ballpark to fit your preference in every part of the region. Grab your mitt, bat and ball, and get ready to take a swing at these five baseball fields that are a home run in fun.

Fox Chapel High School
611 Field Club Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 963-9600

Fox Chapel High School is a great choice for those in the Fox Chapel or Oakmont area looking to start an after-school game of baseball. Located on the high school’s grounds, this public ball field is well-maintained with a bullpen, dugouts, press box, restrooms, locker room and clubhouse. Equipment, including rakes and brooms, tamps, chalk liners, drags and infield tarps, is available at the facility as well. The Fox Chapel High School baseball field is opened year round and is home to the Fox Chapel High School baseball league.

Clinton Community Park
86 Clinton Park Drive
Clinton, PA 15026
(724) 695-0500

For a great family friendly ball field, check out Clinton Community Park, located in the suburb of Clinton. With a beautiful, safe ball field, which can be lit for a $10 fee, this is the place to go for a casual weekend afternoon of baseball with the kids. When the game is done, check out the various fitness stations, multi-use court, trails and Rainbow’s End Memorial playground. Restrooms and a pavilion are also located within the park, so you can enjoy an entire day of play without having to leave the facility. Clinton Community Park is open daily from April 1 through October 31, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Dormont Park
1801 Dormont Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15216
(412) 561-8900

Situated on 23.5 acres, the Dormont Park ball field guarantees a blast for baseball fans of all ages. Start your afternoon off with a picnic lunch at one of the pavilions before warming up on the walking trail. From there, get ready to hit it out of the park at the ball field that is wonderfully maintained. If you have time, why not check out the park’s other 5.2-acre park, Beggs Snyder Park, which includes an additional ball field as well as soccer field, playground and pavilion.

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Heth’s Park
5459-5461 Hampton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Three softball fields are the highlight of Heth’s Park, where countless local teams come to practice and play, including the Morningside Softball teams. Although the park is slightly smaller compared to other local parks, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Start up a game of ball before refueling on your favorite concession stand treats or heading to the nearby tennis court, playground or hockey court for even more activities. Heth’s Park is located at the intersection of Hampton Street and Heth’s Run, on the border of the city’s Morningside and Highland Park neighborhoods.

All-American Baseball Center
28 Stewart Station Drive
Trafford, PA 15085
(412) 380-7000

Perhaps one of the more impressive baseball fields in the region is the All-American Baseball Center, located in Trafford. As one of the city’s relatively newer baseball centers, this 750,000 square foot indoor playing space is fast becoming the premier place in the city for baseball and softball training. There is also an All-American Park that boasts an outdoor field complex, which currently features six fields; however, additional plans are underway to develop three more fields. Play like the big leaguers on the Pro-Grass XPS surface with regulation-size infields at Trafford’s All-American Baseball Center.

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