Best Gay And Lesbian Bars In Pittsburgh

November 5, 2010 5:14 PM

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As many of us know, our city is home to a diverse and friendly gay community and plentiful gay nightlife. This is where the Renaissance City Choir raises its voices to create change and energize the gay and lesbian community; and Proudly Present Productions produces mainstream Broadway-style shows to benefit community charities. So you better bet we have some great LGBT bars and night spots. Below is a collection of what we think make up the best.

Pegasus Lounge

818 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 281-2131

Come one come all, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and events straight club-goers (Pegasus is all-inclusive) all can chat & chill over mixed drinks and elegantly lit bars. Overhanging TV sets display sexy videos while dancers find their groove on the lounge’s multi-tiered dance floor (electronica rules supreme, although hip-hop, R&B and energetic classic remixes are regularly woven into Pegasus’ impressive musical repertoire; catering to the younger set, this is truly a post-Village People setting). Everyone loves to hate Pegasus, but it’s great in small doses. There’s lots of attitude and pretentiousness, but in exchange there’s also lots of eye candy. Drinks are not cheap, and it’s only busy here on Fridays, but it’s a real, NYC-style gay dance club, and the only one in Pittsburgh, so it does fill a niche. The Pegasus Lounge is located conveniently in downtown Pittsburgh on 818 LIBERTY AVENUE. It is near the Wood Street “T” Station and multiple bus stops.

58011 Best Gay And Lesbian Bars In Pittsburgh

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5801 Video Lounge and Cafe

5801 Ellsworth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 661-5600

As someone on Yelp puts it, “Video lounge? Huh? Cafe? Huh? Try a gay bar.” And yes, this is a gay bar and a fun one at that. The bar in itself has an older atmosphere as you may find yourself watching Madonna or Robert Palmer’s videos on the huge plasma TV at the bar and throughout the room. This toned-down, laid back bar features not just TV, but Happy Hour, a dartboard, game machines, and a heated deck in the back for warmer weather. The drinks are abundant and the Video Lounge offers a wide selection of choices.

Real Luck Cafe

1519 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 566-8988

As Yelp puts it: “The Real Luck Cafe is a mixer in the truest sense: all ages, both sexes come here. A younger crowd relaxes downstairs around the large bar; upstairs, most patrons are older. The glory days of disco still reign at the dance bar on the upper floor: ’80s music plays, a glittering mirrored ball hangs over a small dance floor, even a Ms. Pac Man machine stands nearby.” You can hang out at the upstairs bar and watch the people on the dance floor (and the handsome go-go dancers!) under the laser lights, and request songs from the DJs. Or, you can go downstairs, play the Juke Box and enjoy some awesome wings and pizza in large booths or at the bar with the cheapest drinks in town.

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