In 2004 Esquire Magazine placed Pittsburgh at the top of its “Cities that Rock” list, which was nice that they let the whole world in on what we here already knew, specifically that this steel town rocks its socks off most nights and at a variety of venues. From the colleges to downtown to some great places along the outskirts, below are just a few of Pittsburgh’s great local music joints.


Bloomfield Bridge Tavern

4412 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa 15224
(412) 682-8611

The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern is a landmark on Liberty Avenue. As you cross it’s namesake into Pittsburgh’s own “Little Italy” the BBT’s classic tavern building and brightly colored signs capture the eye. In the evening, tables are removed from the small stage and the tavern rings with the sounds of local music: folk and acoustic on Tuesdays; drum and bass on Wednesdays; various alternative rock bands on the weekends. On Thursdays, the BBT has $1 bottles of imported beer between 11am-midnight, but if you insist on opening the beer yourself, it’s $2.


31st Street Pub

3101 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

The 31st Street Pub is about bringing live cutting edge rock n roll to to the people of Pittsburgh. Owner Joel Greenfield does just about everything. Located on Penn Avenue, this popular Strip District biker hangout is a Pittsburgh hot spot for cutting edge rock ‘n roll. Live bands every weekend, and many weeknights as well. You can often park on the street along Penn Avenue, however, when parking is not easily available, a parking lot 1/2 block past the Pub on the left side is available free to Pub patrons. Keep in mind Penn Ave. is a one way street in this part of town.


Club Cafe

56-58 South 12th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

In the last year while under new ownership, Club Cafe has made some huge changes that will blow you away if you had ever been there before. The entire bar is completely decorated with a relaxing theme that makes you feel like the place is part museum. The stage area has a wonderful fiber-optic backdrop that changes with the mood of the music. The wandering drink selection includes a large variety of single malts, vodkas, and even a nice selection of tequilas. The menu is limited but instead of selling typical greasy bar food, they offer dishes that you can sit back and pick at while enjoying the music. This place was built around the idea of having top quality bands perform for sophisticated adults. This is among one of the best dating places in Pittsburgh, especially for your first date.