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There are myriad of facilities and gyms to keep children busy while their parents enjoy a well deserved time to workout or relax, and feel safe that the children are being cared for by trained professionals. The children have enough appropriate activities and skills to establish an interactive experience and learn about a healthy lifestyle. The gyms require an affordable rate or assigned hour allotment to meet the rules of each gym. The activities are planned in special programs and arranged in a wide variety of educational and recreational activities with health and wellness standards.
St. Clair Fitness & Racquet Club
1341 McLaughlin Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
(412) 257-8788

If your looking for an affordable rate for membership and child care at St.Clair Fitness & Racquet Club, then this is a great opportunity for parents to use the newly remodeled facility while the kids romp around in the Kidz Corner. The kids may play with the toys or dabble into some puzzles or read a book. The older kids can play basketball, soccer or enlist help from the teachers and engage in skill techniques, speed of movement activities and learn about self esteem. The highly qualified and certified staff will monitor the activities and empower the kids in the form of performance enhancement. Even though there are different membership rates between the Kidz Corner and speed skills, Josh McIntyre, General Manager, and his staff ensures a safe facility and skills with attainable goals. Parents may choose a variety of classes to enhance health and fitness, while the kids are having fun with interactive games and learning about body mechanics.

Dailey Method Pittsburgh
2000 Village Run Road, Suite 203
Wexford, PA 15090
(724) 719-2511

Joanna Amelio will make sure the kids have a place to play and learn in The Kids’ Room and the parents will have time to get an hour of exercise. Parents pay $4-$5 for children ages 6 weeks to eleven years. This is a dynamic and enriching environment of hands-on activities, toys, games and heaps of blocks. There is an incentive of a $10 drop-in rate. That is just the beginning of the action, as there is a 4 week series of kids movement classes for ages 3 to 6, and that will be a great amount of exercise to develop movement skills, strength and sportsmanship skills. After taking a class, the parents may just think about continuing the workouts and then the kids will be able to join in each time, too. The studio is located in Wexford, which has  ample parking available, and the sound you hear from the certified instructors will beckon you inside to learn more about developing a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness 247
2260 Lebanon Church Road
West Mifflin, PA 15122
(412) 655-7791

The Fitness 247 staff has been together for more than five years, which is a testimony for exceptional service and the certification necessary to validate a successful membership. One of the perks of the membership is free day care and parents may watch their children from any TV on the Daycare Channel, as they choose a variety of workouts and classes on the state-of-the -art equipment. The kids may be involved in watching a movie, playing with toys, games, video console and a kitchen set area all of which are sanitized. The kids can bring light snacks and the drinks must have a lid, and an added attention is the awareness of any allergy issues. The time limit for the day care is usually one or two hours, and this ensures the kids are active and the parents get a chance to receive a well-rounded exercise  program or workout.

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Jewish Community Center
5738 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 521-8010

The JCC offers child care services with trained caregivers in a safe environment that affords an opportunity for the parents to move on to the available facilities. The children should be between the ages of six weeks and older at the Squirrel Hill and South Hills locations. Registration is required for members to enjoy the benefits of the service and the parents must be in the building or in a class. The kids in the Short Stop Babysitting program may find the variety of tables a great way to experience interactive play with all types of hands-on activities. There is wide assortment of books, toys, games and shelves with equipment. The JCC has state-of-the-art fitness and wellness facilities; a perk that will benefit both parents and children.

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Club One Fitness
6325 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 362-4806 

There are three locations at Club One, which are open 365 days of the year to experience an affordable membership that offers a great child care program. Parents may join the membership programs at Fox Chapel, East End and the South Hills and the kids will be able to watch TV and videos, arts and crafts, games and then take a nap right after story time. Younger kids have the opportunity to rest easy in an available crib. The Care Center abounds with books, toys and shelves of equipment for interactive play and the safe environment makes it comfortable for the parents to meet new friends, workout and engage in wellness and fitness programs.

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