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The fall season and Halloween are a perfect match for families to prepare their costumes and goodie bags for an exciting night of trick-or-treating. Families will need to examine the safe traveling and topography of the neighborhoods and boroughs to ensure a memorable experience. The Halloween tradition in the Pittsburgh region offers an educational tour through the cultural and historical venues that will heighten the trick-or-treating experience. Families should discuss the stranger-danger aspect of trick-or-treating and the availability of communication and emergency contacts. 

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Franklin Park Borough
2344 W. Ingomar Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(412) 364-4115

Children may engage in banging on the doors for treats in the neighborhoods of Franklin Park and feel safe at each stop. Franklin Park Borough is a diversified area that has a distinguished excellence of life experiences and community services to protect all facets of safety. Children are held in high regard for all safety concerns and the homeowners are aware of providing a safe environment. The friendly atmosphere and community spirit in Franklin Park welcomes trick-or-treaters for a thrilling adventure, and the police department offers a safety alert throughout the area for a valuable sense of protection.

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Squirrel Hill (South & North)
Pittsburgh, PA

Nestled just east of downtown Pittsburgh is Squirrel Hill and trick-or-treaters will find a safe and clean atmosphere in a city that has a blend of newer and older families. Squirrel Hill was voted by the Zillow Trick Or Treat Index as one of the safest and easiest-to-walk neighborhoods. This makes for a safer haven for trick-or-treaters and confidence for families that the homeowners will have a great time handing out treats and enjoying the variety of costumes. Families may enjoy the cultural and educational aspects of Squirrel Hill and feel the comfortable ambiance of the neighborhood, as the children eagerly place their treats in Halloween bags.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Halloween ghosts and goblins may find an assortment of treats in the East End of Pittsburgh an appealing choice to venture out for a trick-or-treating experience. The streets and surrounding areas of Shadyside are safe places to trick-or-treat and the walking seems to make for a traditional and memorable Halloween experience. The environment of Shadyside and all that it offers instills a sense of security for families as they tote their children from door to door and business establishments. The architectural distinctions of the homes blend together and have a welcoming feel to the neighborhood. Trick-or-treaters seem to feel comfortable at each house.

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Point Breeze
Pittsburgh, PA

Trick-or-treaters may just get a cultural and historical tour as they peruse the neighborhoods of Point Breeze. There are many educational locations that will excite the Halloween guests as they safely move along each street. Point Breeze is situated east of Pittsburgh and the picturesque venues and houses are an exemplary place to stop for candy and other goodies. Traversing the neighborhood is a comfortable walk, which makes the experience of receiving treats an occasion to visit more houses in the assigned timeframe.

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Regent Square
Pittsburgh, PA

Pride in the community is a vital asset in the neighborhoods of Point Breeze and the unique architecture invites the trick-or-treaters to be part of a special Halloween treat. In many instances, the houses are tightly compacted, which means there is an opportunity to accumulate more treats. The ease of walking to each house in a safe neighborhood makes for a stress-free experience and even more time to demonstrate the assorted costumes for homeowners to enjoy. Point Breeze is another neighborhood voted as part of the city of Pittsburgh as a safe and reliable trick-or-treating experience by the Zillow Trick Or Treat Index.

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