Best Pittsburgh Artists to Buy From This Holiday Season

December 18, 2012 6:00 AM

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Pittsburgh locals love art, and when it comes to gifting, nothing beats one-of-a-kind pieces from local artists. Finding just the right fit doesn’t have to be a challenge, even if you drew the eclectic 80-something aunt who has everything. These are the best Pittsburgh artists to buy from this holiday season, no matter the recipient.

Wild Card Artist Daniel Baxter
4209 Butler St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Lawrenceville Section
(412) 224-2651

Through the holidays Daniel Baxter’s Kreepy Dolls and display will be paramount to the store’s showcase of handmade gifts for sale. Priced at $19.99, these dolls are the perfect gift for anyone looking for something unique and ready to cuddle. Whether it’s a secret santa gift, that quirky best friend of your or a zanny coworker looking for something to add to his desk of personality-identifying objects, Kreepy Dolls are the perfect gift idea.

Kiln N Time Artist Sandy Simon
3801 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Lawrenceville Section
(412) 687-0383

Owner and artist Sandy Simon makes handmade ceramic pieces crafted with precision and an artist’s eye. With pieces that range from $1.75 to several hundred dollars, Kiln N Time has gift options for everybody. Whether you buy the pieces and gift them as is, or buy them to paint and personalize yourself, this place has everything you need to give the perfect, personal gift this holiday season.

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Pittsburgh Glass Center Artist Collections
5472 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Friendship Section
(412) 365-2145

Housing several artists, the Pittsburgh Glass Center features crafters from around the world, including Eunsuh Choi, from Korea, Jessica Amarnek, a local, and Travis Rohrbaugh, from Maryland. Exquisite glass pieces that range from the spectacular to the magnificent guarantee you get the right gift every time. Shop hand-blown glass works of art not seen anywhere else. The Pittsburgh Glass Center offers pieces to purchase, classes for everybody from the beginner to the advanced, and a packed calendar of events to attend.

Crystal Bead Bazaar Artist Joanne Yalch
4521 Butler St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Lawrenceville Section
(412) 687-1513

Owned and operated by Joanne Yalch, the Crystal Bead Bazaar has been in operation for 12 years. In addition to selling handcrafted beads for many uses, designer Pam Cashdollar teaches classes on beading, bead crocheting and wire working. Pricing depends on the pieces. Stop by or call to find a holiday gift for any budget. Yalch creates jewelry that appeal to any demographic and takes special orders as well. Because each piece is a one of a kind, the prices vary, but Yalch and the Crystal Bead Bazaar will work with you to find something both fitting your gift recipient and your budget. Give as much notice as possible to make any gift a possibility.

ERRA Creations Artist Nicole Bloch

Pittsburgh born and raised artist Nicole Bloch uses natural creations to make handmade works of art. A traveling Pittsburgher, Bloch sells her wares all over town and online. With a popular Etsy store and easily accessible website, she keeps her fan base informed of where her next showcase will be. Everything from elegant to reclaimed to reminiscent to avant-garde, she has something for everyone. This holiday, your gift list could easily be filled with great handmade, local gifts from any style and budget simply by checking out ERRA Creations. For example, Pittsburgh is often associated with its large cycling population, so Block offers a trendy pair of cufflinks or earrings made from bicycle chain links.

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