What’s a night at the dive bar without a pool table and your favorite beer? We rate the best locals in Pittsburgh to get your game on.

Gooski's is a true working-man's bar. (Credit: facebook.com)


3117 Brereton Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219
(412) 681-1658
Gooski’s on Facebook

Gooski’s is a true working-man’s bar. It offers two pool tables and one ping pong table, a skilled staff and wide variety of microbrew pints for $4. This place is so well regarded in Pittsbugh that even the hipsters are known to frequent it. The jukebox is also especially popular and Gooski’s is also popular for its live shows.

Jeykl and Hyde sports Halloween decor and a Halloween-inspired menu. (Credit: jekyllpub.com)

Jekyll & Hyde

140 South 18th Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15203
(412) 488-0777

Another favorite among the locals due to its free pool night, year-round Halloween theme, above-average bar food (including Frankenstein’s Favorite and The Mummy burger) and wacky staff members, including Dreadworthy the Butler. Jekyll & Hyde offers the added bonus of being open seven days a week. Take advantage of the unlimited free drink brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

With three pool tables, a ping-pong table and darts, Dee's won't let you go bored while you're getting drunk. (Credit: deescafe.com)

Dee’s Cafe

1314 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15203
(412) 431-1314

Games abound at Dee’s. With three pool tables, a ping-pong table and darts, Dee’s won’t let you go bored while you’re getting drunk. The tables are located next to their own bar, so you won’t have to go far for a very cheap, strong drink – – $1.25 for a PBR on tap, $3 for a large mixed drink. The crowd is young and eclectic without the college meathead flavor of others on Carson Street.

Take A Break patrons enjoy free pool night. (Credit: http://www.myspace.com/takeabreakbar)

Take A Break Bar

39th & Penn Avenues
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201

Take A Break Bar has several large pool tables for $1 and tasty cheese-filled pretzels, making it a great place to take a break from work or studying. Take A Break also has extra large beer mugs and low-priced drink specials.

Belvedere’s offers more than just pool. They


4016 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201
(412) 431-4668

If you don’t mind the smokey atmosphere, Belvedere’s offers fusel, ping pong and, yes, pool. The bar has a popular 80’s night which attracts goth and punk clientele.