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Searching to find places for a peaceful day of solitude and deep thought is a great way to start the day. The beauty of the Pittsburgh region and surrounding neighborhoods offer a respite to find strategies to relax for health and mental fitness. There are places near the glorious rivers, landscapes and landmarks of the city to find serenity and peace. Mental and physical exercises can be a viable method to ease tension, relieve stress and set your mind and body at ease. Here are five places to find that perfect spot to breathe, recollect and help find the meaning of meditation.

North Shore & North Side
North Neighborhoods & North Shore Downtown Neighborhoods
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

If you’re looking to find a spot to relax and practice the techniques of meditation, then head on over to the North Shore and the North Side neighborhoods. The areas around the famous rivers of Pittsburgh has places to find solace, and the adjoining downtown buildings offer a soothing reflection to kick back and take a break. After a tranquil walk along the shoreline, you will find the Mister Rogers statue and what better opportunity to remember the attributes emblematic of Mister Rogers. The setting of the statue that faces the skyline of the city, the calming waves of the river and the landscape within the North Shore is a great spot to meditate.

Mt. Washington
Grandview Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15211

As the saying goes that on a clear day you can see forever is where you will find Mt. Washington and the skyline view of the city and surrounding neighborhoods is inspirational. This will be a wonderful time to find an opportunity to secure a special spot on the observation deck. No matter what time of day, there seems to be something soothing to watch the world go by and reflect and breathe in the astounding views of the city, fireworks, after a ball game, watching the water traffic or the constant array of colors. There is a marvelous prelude to meditate, as you can hop on the Duquesne Incline for a short ride to Mt. Washington and the clatter of the carriage sets the perfect mood to immerse yourself in thought.

Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
One Schenley Park
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 622-6914

The search for the best place to meditate can be found at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and this includes the outdoor gardens and adjoining grounds. Each step inside the conservatory feels like  explorations into another culture and the flowers, plants and water spouts have a unique calming effect. Rooms are divided with a variety of exhibits and plant collections from other countries, which have a serene and comforting ambiance. There are relaxing areas in the rooms to take time to reflect and imagine being in exotic places. The fragrant smell of the fruit trees,spices and flowers are a relaxing respite to sit down and conjure a feeling of peace. The outdoor gardens offer an opprtunity to get inspired and set out a blanket to meditate or pull up a chair and take in the aura of the conservatory.

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Nationality Rooms Program
Cathedral of Learning
4200 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
(412) 624-6000

The Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh offers a unique program to explore the history of the Pittsburgh region. There are  rooms that display the culture of the ethnic heritage that established the framework and roots within Allegheny County. A visit to the rooms serves as an inspiration of the city and neighborhoods, and the setup of the rooms gives an awe of thought and calmness of being part of the past. You may take a guided tour or individually move from room to room with a feeling that the walls could talk. Head on to the apex of the Cathedral of Learning and gaze out the windows to view the vistas of the city, and an opportune time for meditation, relaxation and peace.

Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden 
4905 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 621-6566

You won’t have to travel very far in Pittsburgh to find the Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden on Fifth Avenue. There are over 100 tropical plants, waterfalls, streams and even a small desert. Even though there are tours available, it can be a wonderful private journey through the garden, and there is no admission charge to view the garden and exhibits. This is a great place to find a spot and listen to the water, enjoy the beauty and aromas of the flowers and an opportunity to meditate and feel the tranquility of the garden.

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