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There are many advantages to renting a musical instrument. Music stores that stand behind the instrument, making sure the instrument is in good working order, allow for less concerns. The music store should provide instruments that offer quality performance, affordability and reliability, and they should have a plan to exit a contract if the child or student loses interest. Renting a musical instrument offers the option of either continuing the rental procedure or eventually buying the instrument. The following music stores will guide you through the convenience of renting, so there are no worries.

Waddell’s Music Center
11945 Perry Highway
Wexford, PA 15090
(724) 934-1090

After walking into Waddell’s Music Center, you are immediately greeted by a sales attendant, giving an impression that the staff cares about the customer. The music shop is highly-equipped with myriad of instruments, and many have an option to rent or buy. The rental process expedites any worries, and the customer service provides help with all their quality instruments. They will discuss the renting options and the best choice for an instrument that meets each person’s needs in price and quality.

U Rock Music Center
3905 Washington Road
McMurray, PA 15317
(724) 941-1435

If you’re looking for practically any type and brand of musical instrument, then trek on over to Donaldson’s Crossroads to match your musical needs and interests. Owner Alex Riedel comments that they specialize in anything that is needed for trumpets, trombones, saxophones, percussion, flutes, clarinets and stringed instruments. The music shop rents out the best quality instruments that include Yamaha, Selmer, Jupiter, Conn, Bundy and Buffet. Alex said he will accommodate all the person’s needs and will search for any instrument.

N Stuff Music Instruments & Pro Sound
468 Freeport Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 828-1003

Just as the name of the store implies, if you’re looking for musical stuff, N Stuff Music Instruments and Pro Sound is a great place for renting the appropriate musical instruments. The staff will explain the renting procedure and all the accessories that will enhance the experience. The renting options are set up in an easy fashion, and the financing program gets the ball rolling to jump right in and have fun with the instrument of your choice from first-class manufacturers. The reputation of the store and customer service are indicative of the quality that customers will find with each instrument, and if you run into trouble, there are instructors that will guide you to a successful lesson.

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Volkwein’s Music
138 Industry Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
(412) 788-5900

Volkwein’s is a family-owned business that has a staff who are all musicians with specialties in band, orchestra and percussion instruments. Volkwein’s rents student level band and orchestral instruments, and the rental program also permits parents to rent an instrument for a low cost and an affordable monthly payment. There are a host of quality brands to explore, and familiar names such as Bach, Selmer, Yamaha, Ludwig and Pearl will provide the utmost in quality and performance. If there is a need for accessories, sheet music, method books and band arrangements or repairs, the experienced staff will help you find what you need.

Johnstonbaugh’s Music Centers
140 Sandune Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15239
(724) 519- 2114

No matter what direction you look for music shops, Johnstonbaugh’s Music Centers has you covered to find a musical instrument, with specialty brands such as Conn, King and Buffet. What is even better than the locations and top-notch brands is the easy manner of the rental program. The instrument goes through a meticulous maintenance and care program to ensure the best possible service. There is a wide range of rentals available in band, orchestral, woodwinds, strings, brass and percussion for beginners or advanced levels. Johnstonbaugh’s Music Centers’ prestigious background in the community offers quality service, experienced teachers and instruments from manufacturers that will provide superb durability.

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