DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Wade At Gatto Cycle Diner

April 9, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr pittsburgh DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Wade At Gatto Cycle Diner

“I used to work at this diner as a teenager!”

The Ride
The Driver: Wade
Car in Question: 2010 Ultra Classic Harley Davidson
Spotted at: Gatto Cycle Diner, Wood Street and Seventh Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084
Odometer: 14,201


Q: An Ultra Classic Harley Davidson! This is one of the cooler rides we’ve seen. What can you tell us about it Wade?

A: I wanted a touring bike and this is the most comfortable one made. It has all the bells and whistles: cruise control, AM/FM, CD, ABS brakes and a heated seat.

Q: What is a memorial ride that you’ve taken?

A: I ride with the Butler County American Legion Riders and we do military escorts. We brought a young man home who had just completed his second tour in Afghanistan. We met him in Harmarville and escorted him to his home in Bradys Bend.

Q: That must have been a rewarding experience. How many riders rode with you?

A: There were 80 riders and we rode in a stagger so our bikes were not too close together. We have a road captain who is lead point and alerts us with hand signals for pot holes, road kills.

Q: It sounds like you are still giving back to your country. What branch of the military were you in?

A: I was in the Navy for four years. I come from a military family and my father was killed in Korea before I was born. I attended Carson Long Military School, which is the oldest school in the nation that still has military training.

Q: What do you like most about riding?

A: The freedom. I remember when I was on a ship for months at a time and couldn’t ride a bike at all. I’m equipped to ride all year long. I have heated hand grips and seats. I also have a heated jacket just like the Pittsburgh Police use. Pittsburgh is the only city in the country where the police ride bikes year round.

Q: Why do you like coming to Gatto Diner?

A: The funny thing is that I worked at the diner in 1965 as a teenager when it was located in Butler. It was abandoned for years until George Gatto bought. He restored it to its original state and put it right beside his bike shop where I now work. The diner has special significance for me.

Photos and interview by Katherine Brown Sutton

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