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With 50 gates utilized by 12 passenger carriers and roughly 155 flights daily to 37 non-stop destinations, navigating Pittsburgh International Airport can seem overwhelming for first-time visitors. Each year, more than eight million people rely on this 12,9000-acre airport to safely and conveniently help them reach their destinations. Pittsburgh International Airport has been highlighted numerous times for its ability to accommodate its travelers’ needs and recognized by Conde Nast Traveler’s Magazine, The OAG Worldwide and JD Power and Associates for its high rank in customer satisfaction surveys. Take advantage of all the conveniences and amenities Pittsburgh International Airport has to offer by applying these four recommendations that will make navigating this impressive and sizable airport a breeze.

Pittsburgh International Airport
1000 Airport Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15231
(412) 472-3525

Leave Additional Time For Security

Security checkpoints are an essential and important part of your stop at Pittsburgh International Airport. During peak travel times and around busier travel holidays, security lines can back up quickly. Before you leave for the airport, keep an eye on your departure time and use the airport’s website to monitor security line wait times. Doing so will guide you in padding your travel itinerary with additional time for security and screening checkpoints so that you don’t get delayed and miss your flight. Pittsburgh International Airport recommends arriving a minimum of 90 minutes prior to your domestic flight departure and two hours prior to your international flight departure.

Prepare To Park

Nearly 20,000 vehicles enter the Pittsburgh International Airport each day, so knowing where to park when you arrive will ensure an efficient arrival. There are roughly 13,200 public parking spaces located on airport property, so finding a spot should be no trouble. Roughly 8,000 of these spaces are in the extended lot, while an additional 3,100 parking spots are available in long-term parking and 2,100 are available in the short-term garage. For travelers who love the convenience of valet parking, it is available for $25.99 per day, along with a variety of other services like oil changes and detailing for additional fees. When you return from your travels, Pittsburgh International Airport’s GO FASH Pass provides a simple electronic way to pay for your parking in addition to traditional pay booths.

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Utilize Terminal Maps

Pittsburgh International Airport boasts several on-site parking lots and garages, an expansive passenger complex featuring airside and landside terminals, a ticketing sector and baggage claim areas. Terminal maps are available from the airport’s website and upon arrival at the airport to help you navigate more easily. These maps also show locations of security checkpoints, escalators, family restrooms, animal relief areas, information desks, car rental, defibrillators and more, so you won’t waste time wandering endlessly throughout the terminals. Print one out and keep it in your carry-on bag for easy access.

Shop, Dine And Relax At The AIRMALL

This airport was the first in the country to bring together a food court-style eating area and indoor shopping mall when it unveiled its AIRMALL in 1992. Since then, this area of the airport had become a favorite for travelers looking to waste some time before their plane departs. The award-winning AIRMALL offers many fun amenities, including free wireless internet access, restaurants and bars, shops and a Kidsport play area. Only at Pittsburgh’s AIRMALL can you enjoy a massage, pick up a book to read on your flight, shop for Pittsburgh-inspired souvenirs, pick up any last-minute essentials you may have forgotten and browse nearly 40 stores all before you take off. And you can’t forget about the 15 quick service dining options and five waited service restaurants that serve everything from American to Japanese food.

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