By Daniel Cooper

Sunday Funday is the best laid back experience one can have to start up a new week. Sunday brunch is served in many restaurants across the city. But are you able to make a day of this? After brunch where do you go? Highland Park is one of the best places to encounter a full day of brunch, coffee and beer. By following this simple route, all within walking distance, one can make an event of the day trickling into the week.

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E2 (E Square)

5904 Bryant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Sunday Hours: 9am-2pm

Begin your Sunday with brunch in the historical Highland Park area. E2 is the spinoff from Enricos Biscotti Company in the Strip, so of course you expect delicious baked goods, but this place has delicious savory meals as well. They tout themselves as ‘rustic mediterranean’ and they live up to the description. Inside seating is very European, small and intimate without feeling cramped, the tables are close together and tiny. Out front you will find a small outdoor patio which is great on a nice cool morning. Food offerings are both traditional and unique. Not only will you find the normal omelette, but you can also sample the egg hoagie which is basically an italian roll with an egg on it. Be sure to try the bag of mini donuts, which are amazing. Another bonus is that E2 is BYOB, bring some champagne and order some OJ and you can make brunch even better.

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Tazza D’Oro

1125 North Highland Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 362-3676
Sunday Hours: 8am-10pm
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After you finish a luxurious brunch at E2, walk only a couple of blocks to Tazza D’Oro for a cup of the best coffee in the city along with a sweet treat. With their ever-changing monthly coffee, not unlike a bar with its microbrews, Tazza offers some of the best coffee from around the world. Featuring brews from Columbia, El Salvador and Ethiopia (among many others) TD gives you a variety of choices that separate itself from the rest of the city’s coffee houses. The owners travel to the roasters at least once a year to keep abreast of the latest selection of high-end coffee. While enjoying a cup of the finest brew from the best cocoa beans, be sure and order a desert from TD’s amazing selection. Try the amazing pecan chocolate chip chewy bars and the plain donuts. You will be tempted to get the chocolate glazed donut, but the plain is really delicious. Over 70% of the ingredients utilized in the preparation come from Western PA farmers. This list includes dairy, produce and ingredients for sweets. Pastries, soups and paninis are created daily employing the fresh ingredients from local farmers. This coffee shop is one of the best in the city, tucked away in one of the oldest parts of town.

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Park Place Pub

5719 Bryant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 361-2024

So now you’ve had brunch at E2, and a coffee at Tazza Doro’s, it should be around mid afternoon and the perfect time to hit the bars. What better way to spend the afternoon than watching the Steelers while drinking a nice brew. NFL is king on Sundays and there is no bigger team followed nationally than the Steelers. Run upstairs to the flat screen TVs and settle down on the bar stool while enjoying a bloody mary or your first beer of the day. Park Place Pub offers an open kitchen at the establishment showing patrons they have nothing to hide. After a beer or two you might get an appetite for something small like an appetizer or salad. Bar favorites include the wings, which come with a warning for the hot spicy or hot ones. While not the best tasting hot wing on first bite, the spice hits you like a freight train once finished.

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Daniel Cooper has resided in Pittsburgh for over 10 years. He enjoys a wide variety of music and arts. On most weekends he can be found enjoying the public parks of the county.