Beer here! From Icy Light to Dogfish Head 90 Minute, Pittsburgh has a beer that can cure what “ales” ya. Here are 5 Top Taprooms in the ‘Burgh in no particular order:

Photo Credit: Steve Schohn/Living Pittsburgh

Fat Head’s

1805 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15203

Fat Head’s Saloon is a neighborhood bar & grill on Pittsburgh’s historic South Side. As PopCity found out, “The saloon is the best place to drink draft beer in the city,” opines rock-‘n’-roller Leo Kennedy. “They have a tremendous selection – 40 beers on tap, more than 200 bottled.” Another reason: the Headwiches, Fat Head’s monster-sized munchies. Try the Artery Clogger or the Bay of Pigs. Or there’s the 13 different wings, 25 burgers and on and on. “The place,” Leo says, “is always packed.” Fat Head’s numerous awards include Best Bar Food, Best Wings, Best Burgers and Best Beer Selection.

The Sharp Edge
5 Local Locations

“No crap on tap” is a true statement here! The Sharp Edge has an impressive selection of beers, about four dozen of them on tap to be exact. And that’s not including their bottled selection which includes specialties such Germany’s Spaten Lager and Urquell Pilsner from the Czech Republic. The Sharp Edge has been the recipient of numerous awards including Best Belgian Beer Bar in the U.S.A.! There are five locations to choose from, the Bistro 922 Penn being the newest addition to the Sharp Edge Family of Pubs. It’s located on Penn Avenue downtown in the heart of the cultural district. As for food, casual is what the Sharp Edge does best. A personal favorite of one KDKA staffer is the Mediterranean Nachos; crispy wedges of fried pita topped with warm spinach and artichoke dip, a blend of melted cheeses, diced tomato and black olives. It’s listed as an appetizer but it’s big enough for a meal with some to take home. PopCity recommends the mussels.

Le Mardi Gras

731 Copeland Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15232

Tucked away on a side street in Shadyside, Mardi Gras is a dark, smoky bar that serves their drinks cold… and extremely stiff. As the website says, “A couple of our drinks will have your eyes poppin’ out!” It’s a favorite “pre-gaming bar” or a place to end your night. Long and narrow, it can get pretty crowded, and younger groups vie for the booths along the wall while the older patrons sit at the bar. They don’t take credit cards so bring cash. And fill up your stomach beforehand because there isn’t a food menu.

Kelly’s Bar and Lounge

6012 Penn Circle South
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206

According to PopCity, “”Everything old,” the late Peter Allen told us, “is new again.” Especially in East Liberty, especially at Kelly’s Bar and Lounge. Seemingly untouched from the 1950s, when bar meant smoky and dim and slightly dangerous, Kelly’s features a classic black-and-white checkered linoleum floor, overstuffed high-backed booths and pink neon lighting. With the drinks suitably sized and the burgers tantalizingly messy, try the Big Hop – then prepare to people-watch. “Kelly’s attracts a wonderfully diverse crowd,” our favorite Loft Lady tells us, “that makes me feel young.” The beer selection is awesome for such a small place with really obscure microbrews, the essential regional stuff and lots of the best standard options.

Church Brew Works

3525 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201

Stepping inside the Church Brew Works in Lawrenceville takes you back at first, seeing the gigantic kettles perched on what used to be the altar. Sacrilege? Hardly. Housed in the magnificently restored, century-old St. John the Baptist Church, this place features breath-taking stained glass windows, an 8,000-square-foot Douglas fir floor, and a hand-painted cypress ceiling. Better still, the Church crafts such classic malts as Pious Monk Dunkel, Pipe Organ Pale Ale and Blast Furnace Stout. These “brews” are sure to please your palate as much as its unique cuisine. The food selections draw on the culinary styles discovered throughout the country to create a menu as diverse as Pittsburgh itself. As the weather turns nice, sit outside for a beer-scented stogie.