Top Hidden Destinations To Visit In Pittsburgh

July 30, 2016 8:00 AM

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

conflict kitchen Top Hidden Destinations To Visit In Pittsburgh

Photo Credit: KDKA

If you’ve visited Pittsburgh, you’ve probably taken a ride on the incline, took a look at the Point from Mt. Washington. You may have even taken a ride on the Gateway Clipper, eaten a Primanti sandwich and spent a day at Kennywood. Pittsburgh certainly offers a lot of fun things to do, but if you are looking for some out of the ordinary experiences in Pittsburgh, here are some very interesting places that you may not already know about. Unleash your inner artist, foodie and activist and take a small tour of these hidden attractions in Pittsburgh.

Trundle Manor
7724 Juniata St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
(412) 916-5544

In a quiet and unassuming neighborhood in Swissvale sits Trundle Manor, a hidden house of oddities. Inside, displays of vintage taxidermy, steampunk sculptures and other creepy things await your inspection. Trundle Manor is open by appointment only, but keep your eye on the website to find out about special events going on at the Manor.

1507 Arch St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Located on a colorful corner in Pittsburgh’s famous Mexican War Streets, Randyland is full of eclectic charm. The home is a display of interesting art created from found objects that can be explored and enjoyed by everyone. Take a look at how one artist’s colorful imagination is transforming this neighborhood. Randyland is open to the public most afternoons from 1 – 5:30pm.

Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar
300 39th St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 682-7699

In the middle of a small Lawrenceville neighborhood sits the Arsenal Cider House, where you can sample and buy small batch craft ciders. The Cider House has an interesting Civil War theme and a great selection of ciders that range from dry to sweet. You can also find delicious mead blends and fruit wine. Take home your favorites in a personalized “daily rations” growler.

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Conflict Kitchen
221 Schenley Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 802-8417

The Conflict Kitchen is a small take out restaurant with a big message. The restaurant specializes in cuisine from countries with whom the US is currently in conflict. Every 6 months the menu changes to highlight another country to educate on the reasons behind the conflict. Along with the menu, the kitchen hosts an array of speakers, events and discussions around the country of topic.

Center For PostNatural History
4913 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
(412) 233-7698

Pittsburgh has a renowned museum of Natural History, but did you also know that the city has a great resource for post natural history as well? The Center for Post Natural History seeks to study and educate on the effects of genetically modified organisms. Both live and past examples of genetic modifications are on display. At the center you can find out more about fascinating subjects such as the glow fish and goats that have been modified with spider DNA to produce milk with silk protein used in bulletproof materials.

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Jennifer Stockdale is a native of the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. She is a restaurant marketer and wine enthusiast and one of the hosts of the East Coast Wine Geeks Podcast. Her work can be found at