Little Earth Productions on Pittsburgh’s South Side makes The Terrible Towel. And this year, they’ve added a “bling” towel with lots of crystals, as well as collectible game days towels.They’ve also come up with a Steelers back pack, a weekend bag and a messenger bag. As well as high end purses available at high-end department stores.But here’s your chance to vote on your favorite possible future product. Let us know which of these ideas you’d buy:
– Gaiter-Dana, which can work as a headpiece or a scarf
– Smart Wristlet, a little purse which holds your cellphone and is small enough to carry into the stadium
– Braided Headband
– Silky Scarf
– Fan Flag or Fan Cape, which is fun way to show your support of the Black and Gold

Cast your vote below! Note: You can vote for as many products as you want!