Antonio Brown is being accused of assaulting a man at his home in Florida.

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Reporter Update: Shelby Cassesse - Ordnances Found At Home In MonroevilleOrdnances were found at a home in Monroeville, KDKA's Shelby Cassesse reports.
Your Pittsburgh Weekend (2/27)Your Pittsburgh Weekend (2/27)
Washington Family Sues KinderCareThe guardians of a local girl are suing KinderCare Learning Centers, saying a teacher took photos of the girl naked from the waist down and then emailed them out.
Driver Who Crashed Truck In Tunnel Missed Warning SignsOfficials say the truck driver who crashed in the Fort Pitt Tunnel missed multiple warning signs, KDKA's John Shumway reports.
KDKA News Update PM: February 27, 2020KDKA News Update PM: February 27, 2020
Researchers At Pitt Working To Safely And Quickly Develop Coronavirus VaccineThe University of Pittsburgh's Center for Vaccine Research is working on developing a vaccine for coronavirus; KDKA's Rick Dayton reports.
KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (2/27)Stay on top of local weather with meteorologist Ray Petelin’s forecast!
Police Look For Man Accused Of Smashing Doors, Breaking Car Window In South Park Twp.Police in South Park are looking for a man they say went on a crime spree, shattering glass at several homes and breaking a car window; KDKA's Amy Wadas reports.
Presidential Candidates Have Sights Set On PittsburghPresidential candidates are opening campaign offices here in Pittsburgh, KDKA's Jon Delano reports.
Hey Ray! What Is Leap Year And Why Do We Have Them?KDKA Meteorologist Ray Petelin has the explanation.
Documents Reveal More Comments From Judge Mark TranquilliUncovered transcripts of other cases raise more concerns about the Pittsburgh judge who is accused of calling a black juror “Aunt Jemima," KDKA's Andy Sheehan reports.
Hey Ray! Levitating SpringCheck out this experiment by Meteorologist Ray Petelin!
Pittsburgh Area Prepares For Coronavirus OutbreakDo you need to wear a mask to protect you from coronavirus? Here's what local doctors are saying about the threat; KDKA's Brenda Waters reports.
Hey Ray! PEEPS ExperimentKDKA Meteorologist Ray Petelin experiments with PEEPS ahead of the Easter.
Missing Beaver County Native Jordan Lampus FoundA Beaver County native who went missing has been found alive and safe in Seattle; KDKA's Bob Allen reports.
Hey Ray! How You Can Create A Cloud In A BottleKDKA Meteorologist Ray Petelin shows you how to create a cloud in a bottle.
Former State Sen. Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography ChargesFormer state senator Mike Folmer pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.
Reporter Update: Man Goes On Glass-Smashing Crime Spree In South Park Twp.South Park Township Police are looking for a person who allegedly smashed multiple doors and a car window; KDKA's Amy Wadas reports.
Missing Beaver Co. Native Jordan Lampus Found SafeA college student from Beaver County was found safe along a road in Seattle; KDKA's Lindsay Ward reports.
2 People Injured In Washington County Apartment FireTwo people were taken to an area hospital after being injured in an apartment fire in Washington County, KDKA's Nicole Ford reports.
Reporter Update: Truck Gets Stuck In Fort Pitt TunnelAn over-height truck didn't stop when the lights leading up to the Fort Pitt Tunnel went red. Instead, it continued on in and got itself stuck; KDKA's John Shumway reports.
Reporter Update: Face Masks In High Demand During Coronavirus OutbreakFace masks are flying off the shelves amidst the global coronavirus outbreak. Which ones are the best to buy? KDKA's Brenda Waters reports.
Reporter Update: 2 Hospitalized After Washington FireA building on North Main Street in Washington is extensively damaged following a fire; KDKA's Nicole Ford reports.
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