Rich, Daisy, and Joe from JP Roofing tee off with the pros at TopGolf for a good cause!

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Renegades Of The RotundaIt started off as just something fun and now it's an expectation when you arrive at PNC Park. You see them in the outfield nearly every game now, let's meet the people behind it: The Renegades Of The Rotunda!
Meet Our New Mascot: SpotWhen Rich suggested to Daisy that Fan N'ATion needed its own mascot, well, we got a little creative with the suggestion. So, the fine people at Carnegie Mellon made us a robotic one! Everyone, say hello to Spot!
The Tipsy PalmerWhen you're hitting the links, enjoying a summer day, or teeing off at TopGolf, you're going to need a refreshing drink and we've got just the thing - The Tipsy Palmer!
Sweet & Sassy: Bigham TavernWho doesn't love wings on game day, Bigham Tavern, and Fan N'ATion? Well, we decided to put all three together and reveal the "Sweet & Sassy", the official wing sauce of Fan N'ATion courtesy of Bigham Tavern!
Fan Cave: Dave CentennialLook out Loretta, Dave Centennial in Ross Township shows Fan N'ATion a Pens fan cave that would make Mario proud!
Flipping Out With Steel City ParkourWhat's parkour you may be asking? Don't worry - Steve Gigirolamo owner of Steel City Parkour joins the show and gives us a breakdown!
Happy Valley, Happy Fan CaveRyan Garlock in Huntingdon shows Daisy and Rich his Penn State Fan Cave and how he is one of the biggest Nittany Lions fans around!
Teeing Off For A Good CauseRich, Daisy, and Joe from JP Roofing tee off with the pros at TopGolf for a good cause!
Fan N'ATion: March 27, 2021 (Pt. 4)We've got a new mascot! Thanks to the fine people for Carnegie Mellon University Robotics, Daisy Jade meets our mascot Spot! Then, with Buccos season just around the corner, we catch up with the infamous Renegades of the Rotunda!
Fan N'ATion: March 27, 2021 (Pt. 3)Do you think you're a huge Pens fan? Well, you're going to have to compete with the likes of Dave Centennial in Ross Township who has a Pens fan cave that Loretta should be on the lookout for! After we see Dave's Fan Cave, TopGolf brings us a special drink recipe: The Tipsy Palmer!
Fan N'ATion: March 27, 2021 (Pt. 2)In this segment, we head over to Export to check out Steel City Parkour. What is Parkour? Owner Steve Gigirolamo gives us a breakdown!
Fan N'ATion: March 27, 2021 (Pt. 1)Welcome back to Fan N'ATion! In this segment, Rich, Daisy, and Joe from JP Roofing head to TopGolf for a little friendly competition, Ryan Garlock in Huntingdon shows us his Penn State Fan Cave, and then Daisy takes us to Bingham Tavern where they show us the Fan N'ATion Sweet & Sassy!
Saturday On JP Roofing FAN N'ATION (March 27) – PROMOWe're teeing it up in the 412 with a Topgolf Pro and Joe from JP Roofing! Then, we introduce you to the new Fan N'ation wing sauce at Bigham tavern, and meet our new "mascot" - Spot! Plus, a Penn State Fan Cave, Renegades of the Rotunda, Steel City Parkour and more! SATURDAYS at 7:30 PM ON KDKA/CBSN and 11 PM ON PGH CW
412 Fanatics: Bastard Bearded IrishmenThey're staples around the city of Pittsburgh, especially during St. Patrick's Day, but there's one thing you need to know about the Bastard Bearded Irishmen: They love Pittsburgh sports!
412 Furry FanaticsThe Humane Animal Rescue teamed with a pet clothing company to make sure that your furry friend and can be a furry 412 fanatic! Daisy Jade helps these four-legged fans model their new threads!
Fan Cave: Scott WolfeYou've seen Scott's tattoos, now, let's take a trip into his Steelers fan cave!
Skin In The Game: A "Masterous" Work Of ArtScott may not be from Pittsburgh, he may not live in Pittsburgh but he's got skin in the game. After seeing Sarah on the show Ink Master, he knew it was time to get some art commemorating his favorite team: The Pittsburgh Steelers.
Fan N'ATion Flash: Zach BannerYou know him, you love him, so get to know him! Rich Walsh talks to Steelers offensive lineman Zach Banner about how he's come to love Pittsburgh, his football career, and of course, Flashdance.
Where Yinz Been: Kurt AngleIt's true - it's damn true: Kurt Angle one of the greatest wrestlers all time, from the Olympics to the squared circle in WWE, he's got plenty of stories to tell but guess what? They all started right here in the 412!
Fan Cave: Dan MeansSay hello to Dan Means who takes us through a tour of his Buccos fan cave, or more appropriately, his Buccos museum!
Saturday On JP Roofing FAN N'ATION (MARCH 6) – PROMOCatching up with 412 Legend Kurt Angle. Plus, a fan cave you'd pay money to see. And, a tattoo masterpiece... SATURDAYS at 7:30 PM ON KDKA/CBSN and 9:30 PM ON PGH CW
412 For Life: Party Cake ShopWe here at Fan N'ATion are gearing up for Fat Tuesday so we check in with Scott Smith of Party Cake Shop and how they're cooking up some Pączki!
A Return To Normal: Yinzers In The BurghNearly one year ago, a staple of the Strip District caught fire and was almost completely destroyed. However, Jim Coen and Yinzers In The Burgh is back on it's feet and providing 412 Fanatics with all the gear they need.
Social N'ATA streaker on the field during the big game, a crazy halftime performance, and new Pittsburgh Penguins front office in employees - all in a week's work! We check in with Fan N'ATion Digital Producer Patrick Damp for another edition of Social N'AT.

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