KDKA's Jon Delano spoke with State Senator Camera Bartolotta about the project that has been decades in the making.

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Sunday Business Page: Southern BeltwayKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with State Senator Camera Bartolotta about the project that has been decades in the making.
Sunday Business Page: Staffing ShortagesKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Seth Morgan, the CEO of MLA Companies, about the current crisis employers are facing with finding and keeping employees.
Sunday Business Page: Dyslexia Awareness MonthKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Maria Paluselli, the Chief Learning Officer at Provident Charter School, about how to spot the early signs of dyslexia in children.
Sunday Business Page: The Debt CeilingKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with financial advisor Brian Quaranta about the debt ceiling and the current deadlock in Congress.
Sunday Business Page: The State Of EnergyKDKA's Jon Delano speaks with Joe Reinhart, an attorney who issues a 'State of the U.S. Energy Industry' report every year.
Sunday Business Page: Jewish Family & Community ServicesKDKA's Jon Delano speaks with Dr. Jordan Golin, the CEO of Jewish Family & Community Services about how his organization helps with refugee resettlement.
Sunday Business Page: Examining Supply Chain IssuesKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Dennis Unkovic about his new book, 'Transforming the Global Supply Chain: Cyber Warfare, Technology, and Politics', and how significant supply chain issues are.
Sunday Business Page: Party at the PierKDKA's Jon Delano spoke to Matthew Galluzzo, President and CEO of Riverlife, about the work of the organization and an upcoming event.
Sunday Business Page: Chasing COVIDKDKA's Jon Delano spoke to Brad Peroney with the Carnegie Science Center about an upcoming educational event they are holding called "SARS Saturday - Chasing COVID."
Sunday Business Page: "A Gift Of Belief"KDKA's Jon Delano speaks with Kathy Buechel, the editor of 'A Gift of Belief.'
Sunday Business Page: Allegheny County Bar AssociationKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Joesph Williams, the President of the Allegheny County Bar Association, who is the newest and youngest person to lead the organization.
Sunday Business Page: Tipping Between GenerationsKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Senior Analyst Ted Rossman with creditcards.com about a new study revealing how different generations tip for services.
Sunday Business Page: Pennsylvania Firefly FestivalKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Ken Butler of the Pennsylvania Firefly Festival about the event and fireflies.
Sunday Business Page: Supreme Court Ruling On Cheerleader's First Amendment RightsKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with an experienced school solicitor about a landmark ruling from the United States Supreme Court this past week.
Sunday Business Page: Allegheny County Bar FoundationKDKA's Jon Delano speaks with Keith Whitson of the Allegheny County Bar Foundation about how you can get legal advice or representation if you can't afford it.
Sunday Business Page: Travelers Take To The SkiesKDKA's Jon Delano speaks with Bryan Dietz, Vice President of Air Service Development for the Airport Authority of Allegheny County, about how airlines are making a comeback as many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.
Sunday Business Page: ExOneKDKA's Jon Delano speaks with John Hartner, the CEO of ExOne, a company that provides industrial 3D printing systems and services.
Sunday Business Page: Five Freedoms For American ChildrenKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Senator Bob Casey about a bill he plans to introduce that he says will invest in children's futures.
Sunday Business Page: Trek GumKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with entrepreneur Emily Siegel, founder of Trek Gum, about how she is innovating gum and making it environmentally friendly.
Sunday Business Page: Appalachian Regional CommissionKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Gayle Manchin, the newly sworn-in Federal Co-Chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission, about economic development in the region.
Sunday Business Page: Pennsylvania Women WorkKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Kristin Ioannou with Pennsylvania Women Work about how the organization helps those who are unemployed and how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted unemployment.
Sunday Business Page: Women EngineersKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Ashley Zulueta, President of the Society of Women Engineers' Pittsburgh Section, about how female engineers have preserved in a male-dominated industry and the challenges they still face.
Sunday Business Page: Air ConditioningKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Mike Motta of Motta Heating and Air Conditioning about the importance of checking air conditioning systems.
Sunday Business Page: Rue21KDKA's Jon Delano spoke with rue21 CEO Bill Brand about the retailer's path to success despite the coronavirus pandemic.

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