PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Getting rid of unwanted hair can be a hassle. You can rip it out, pluck it, melt it away with harsh chemicals, pay for costly laser treatments or that old stand by shaving.

If there is one thing Angela Bruzzese can do without, it’s shaving.

“I do not like to shave. I always miss a spot, or I try and hurry up. Then I cut myself,” said Angela.

That’s why Angela is excited to give Smooth Away a try.

The infomercial for Smooth Away promises: “You’ll smooth away unwanted hair in minutes, and you’ll exfoliate at the same time.”

It’s supposed to be pain free, but does it really do that?

Smooth Away comes with a travel case, a large applicator, a small applicator, and five flexible crystal 3M replacements pads each.

The pads stick to the applicator and are easy to apply.

“It feels kind of soft,” said Angela. “It’s not scratchy or anything. You’d expect it to be like sandpaper but it’s not.”

Directions say Smooth Away is to be used on dry skin only, before you moisturize.

Gently rub three times clockwise, three times counter clockwise.

But we find no matter which way you buff, it works and Angela said it doesn’t hurt at all.

Best of all, she says it exfoliates, too.

Next, Angela tried smoothing away her hair on some of those hard to get places such as the back of the leg and around the heel.

“This is much better than shaving,” said Angela. “You don’t have to get in the shower to do it. You can do it quick.”

Although Angela’s arm hair isn’t dark, Angela says she’d rather not have any arm hair.

Although it doesn’t work as easily on Angela’s arms, it does work.

One more test? The small applicator is for fingers, toes and hard to reach places.

We go for the big toe where Angela has a few hairs and in a minute, they are gone.

“I think it’s great! I would definitely use this instead of shaving,” said Angela.
Angela says she wouldn’t throw her razor away, but Smooth Away is a nice extra tool.

What about bikini lines and under arms?

We left Angela alone with the Smooth Away for a week, and she’s not as excited about using Smooth Away under the arms or on her bikini line.

She said it pulled a bit.

Overall, Angela said she wouldn’t throw her razor away.

She liked Smooth Away for quick touch ups and last minute fixes.

Directions say this is not for diabetics or people with certain skin conditions.

That’s on the directions only by the way, not the package, so you could find out a little late.

One more thing, our morning anchor Keith Jones has hairy, masculine arms and hands.

He gave Smooth Away a thumb’s up.

It took a couple of minutes but at least one of his hands is now hair free.

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