PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Eurosealer is a gadget that promises to be a real money saver, claiming you can now buy in bulk without worrying about food going bad or getting stale.

But does it really do that?

KDKA’s Consumer Editor Yvonne Zanos along with Upper St. Clair mom, Shelley Chicinni, decided to test it out.

Chicinni is the mother of three hungry boys, but says they don’t always remember to close the bags.

“I can tell you, I have lots of these bags in my cupboard that are opened and just hanging out,” says Cicchini.

She says she could use a product like the Eurosealer, if it actually does what it claims.

According to the infomercial, “You can create an airtight seal that locks in freshness. Simply place, press and slide the Eurosealer on the top of any bag and the freshness is sealed right in.”

To test out the product, they start with a foil potato chip bag.

The directions for the Eurosealer say to go from end to middle, switch sides and repeat, end to middle. It’s a step they don’t do in the infomercial, but it ends up working.

“It sealed it,” said Cicchini. “It did a beautiful job.”

And when they don’t follow directions, Cicchini says the Eurosealer does not work.

Cicchini also tested the product on soft plastic bags and crisp cracker bags, and time after time when following the directions it worked.

“I’m impressed. I am impressed,” said Cicchini. “It is easy. It does take a little bit of practice.”

However, the big test is still to come.

The infomercial says, “The secret is Eurosealer’s microthermal technology that creates a seal so airtight even water won’t leak.”

So, adding some food coloring to water in a zip lock bag, Cicchini gives it a try. At first she gets a hole when she tries to seal it, but on another try she says she is impressed with the results of the test.

All in all, Cicchini said that she liked the Eurosealer. It does really do what it promises, but she also says that it wouldn’t work in her family because of her children.

“I probably would not want them to use this because of the heating element,” she says. “It gets really hot.”

And the directions do warn to keep hands away or you’ll get burned.

The Eurosealer also comes with a magnetic back so you can stick it to your refrigerator.

Overall, Cicchini gives the Eurosealer a thumbs up.

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