PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The One Sweep Broom claims to be the world’s best broom, working on wood or tile, wet or dry, inside or outside and it even claims to take pet hair off of carpet.

But does it really do that?

KDKA’s Consumer Editor Yvonne Zanos and Jen Peters, a busy mom, recently put it to the test.

Like most moms, Peters says she uses her regular broom a lot. She says she has one broom for inside and out and it does a pretty good job.

However, she admits that it’s probably not the world’s “best” broom like the One Sweep Broom claims to be.

According to the One Sweep Broom infomercial, “The secret is the rubber bristles. When pressed down they form a squeegee action. Pull, don’t push. Nothing stays behind.”

The One Sweep Broom goes together easily and seems sturdy.

For the first test, Peters sprinkles some crushed cereal on the floor. The One Sweep Broom works. It sweeps the mess up in one sweep, but so does Peters’ regular broom.

In the next test, Peters tries it in corners. And that’s where she says she thinks the One Sweep Broom falls flat.

She says it has no flexibility; so, if it’s too big for the corner or the corner is curved, you are out of luck.

With her regular broom, Peters is able to clean up in the corner.

After that, she decides to take the One Sweep Broom outside to try to sweep some leaves up on the patio.

“It does pick up well,” says Peters. “I don’t know about one sweep.”

The One Sweep also claims to work on wet surfaces too. So she soaks some leaves and tries it again.

“It definitely is not one sweep,” says Peters of that particular test. “I think it works well, as well as another broom. The only advantage is it’s easier to clean probably.”

Then, she tries out the squeegee side of the One Sweep Broom by pouring some water on one of her car windows.

“That works pretty good,” said Peters.

Finally, the One Sweep is given the pet hair test.

The infomercial claims, “The One Sweep goes deeper than even the most expensive vacuum cleaner – cat hair, dog hair.”

In this test, the One Sweep Broom does do a great job. It pulled up pet fur and dirt that gets tracked into the house from animals.

But even so, Peters says she probably would not go out and buy the One Sweep Broom.

I am underwhelmed,” Peters says of the One Sweep Broom.

The One Sweep Broom really did do everything it claimed to do. And although it was easy to push, it still isn’t as flexible as a regular broom.

“No different than any other broom. You can live without it,” said Peters. “It wouldn’t hurt you to have it, but it’s not something you need to go out and get.”

Overall, Peters gives it a reluctant thumbs up, but doesn’t recommend that anyone run out to buy one right away.

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