No one likes to say they are cheap, but the reality is we all need our dollars to stretch as far as possible. The last thing you want to do is buy cheap only to have something fall apart or not work at all.

We’ve all been there – something you have to have, money is tight and you are clueless where to start.

“If they have a limited budget, we can tell them what would be the best products within that limited budget,” said Max Levitte, the founder of

Juleigh DeCarlo, a working mom with two boys, was recently introduced to the website.

“I like the fact that they pulled a bunch of resources from a multitude of different sites throughout the internet,” said DeCarlo.

Levitte doesn’t like to part with his money and is fairly confident you don’t either. So, he came up with a site that does the initial walking for you.

On products from laptops to snow blowers, rice cookers, televisions, mascaras, tents and cruises – you name it, reduces your need to comparison shop.

“[Because] you already know what to look for when you’re out,” said DeCarlo.

In the wide range of prices for each product, takes the lower third of the scale, scans all resources for expert and user reviews and compiles the best of the cheapest.

“We’re not saying they are the best products out there, but they are the best product for a limited budget,” said Levitte.

DeCarlo liked what she found in the recommendations and reviews of espresso machines in the low $200 range.

Also, she said the pillow deals the site found in the low $20 range were better than what she’s seen in the mall. She even learned something on the lipstick page.

“They go through and they tell you what to look for and what to stay away from,” she said. “They give you not only pricing, but they give you tips.”

However, you do have to be careful. If you’re following the sites recommendations, carefully write down the product information before going shopping.

One example is a Craftsman garage door open priced at $140 that is recommended on the site. But it is only a few model numbers off of another Craftsman opener that is not recommended because it has a bad habit of opening on its own.

“We have a ‘Don’t Bother’ section, which are products that are cheap yet don’t really do the work,” added Levitte. “They are just inexpensive, which is useless.”

The site finds the best prices both online and in regular stores.

The website makes its money off of advertising, not off of whether you make a purchase. Inquiries to the site are growing about 20 percent each month.