It’s Time To Wake Up! Gregg wants to wake up the Vikings owner for losing control of the locker room. He needs to cut Brett Favre and fire Brad Childress after cutting Randy Moss, after trading for him 4 weeks ago. Paul wants to wake up high school parents who want to block a dance team because they think the dance team will distract from the Band performance. Jim wants to wake up the Hockey Gods, he wants to know what Jordan Staal ever did to them after Staal now has a broken hand.

twitter logo1 A Wake Up Call For Vikings Coach Brad Childress And More

Gregg has a new way for Jim to read athletes tweets, instead of proof reading the tweet, Jim will now read it on the fly. This weeks tweets are from Cam Sadler.

What Does Lily Know? On this week’s what does Lily know game, we start her off with a basic math question then does she know what state is  Happy Value is located, who because President have Nixon resigned, and finally we see if Lily knows what position did Josh Miller play in the NFL.

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