A 43-year-old McKeesport police officer was in full cardiac arrest when two Allegheny County Sheriff’s deputies revived him on a stairwell between the first and second floors of the Allegheny County Courthouse.

The incident took place near the Ross Street courthouse entrance late Monday morning. The officer and his partner were on fifth floor for a hearing when he complained of not feeling well and started to walk down the stairs.

He collapsed on the stairwell, hitting his head on the ground. Deputies Anthony Fratto and Scott McCarthy were in the building next door when they heard the emergency call on the police radio. They first tried CRP on the officer. Then they used what’s called an AED – an automated external defibrillator – on the officer.

Deputy McCarthy told KDKA-TV the officer had no pulse, wasn’t breathing and his color was purple when they arrived.

But moments after the officer was shocked with the defibrillator, he regained consciousness and started opening his eyes.

Fratto is a CPR instructor and teaches CPR at the police academy.