By Joe Starkey

Clint Hurdle joined Joe Starkey and Ken Laird today on 93.7 The FAN and talked about being named the Pirates new manager. 

Many people wondered why Hurdle took this position considering the difficulties he’ll be facing, and he responded to those questions and said the challenge is actually what attracted him to the job.

The guys also had Hurdle describe his managerial style, given that so many people were tired of John Russell’s laid back approach.  Hurdle admitted he doesn’t always want his players wearing their emotions on their sleeve, but there are times where that’s fine, and he is absolutely not opposed to protecting his players and getting in the umpires face to send the message that they won’t be walked on.

Hurdle also talked about his personal life admitting he only got one “B” during his high school career, that coming in Drivers Ed, and that he had an academic scholarship from Harvard.

Things wrapped up with Hurdle talking about his daughter who suffers from Prader-Willi Syndrome, and how the life threatening disease has changed his outlook on life.