By: Trina Orlando

DONEGAL (KDKA) – A Donegal man claims he was robbed in the middle of the night by a man in a Halloween mask.

Paul Waddell, 64, was sleeping in his Acme home Monday night when he heard someone kick in his back door. The next thing he knew, a man wearing an “old man” mask and all camouflage clothing was standing over his bed and screaming at him.

The suspect was only in the home for a couple of minutes and repeatedly told Waddell that he wanted his money.

The suspect got a few hundred dollars before taking Waddell’s car keys. The suspect then fled the scene in the car.

Waddell said he doesn’t think the suspect had a weapon. He believes the suspect may have been in his home before because he was able to locate the light switch so easily.

Waddell wasn’t injured, but said he was terrified. He hasn’t been able to sleep since it happened, so his grandson is now staying with him.

Police were able to locate Waddell’s car a short time later near the Acme dam thanks to the assistance of an OnStar system.

Waddell said he will keep his guns more accessible in the future so he is able to defend himself.

Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police in Greensburg.

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