When asked her reaction to charges that she stole thousands of dollars from a local Giant Eagle store, Darcy Hudson told KDKA’s Harold Hayes today: “Go hard or go home.”

Hudson, 45, is accused of taking $16,000 from the cash office of the supermarket at the Crafton-Ingram Shopping Center.

She arrived in Crafton from the Allegheny County Jail to face the charges this morning.

Allegheny County police believe that Hudson cased the Giant Eagle before making her move.

“There’s no nexus for Hudson to any of the employees with the Giant Eagle,” Lt. Jeff Korczyk said. “So we can’t say how long she was inside that store to determine when would be the best time to do that. But obviously, she must have done some type of casing – so to speak – of when the best time when they had the most money in there. Of course, that’s an awful lot of money.”

Investigators say Hudson left the Giant Eagle after being discovered in the cash room. She claimed she was looking for the bathroom. Later, employees discovered the money was missing.

Hudson was identified from surveillance video at a nearby bar, Mugshots, where she went for a drink immediately after the incident.

Hudson has a long court record of burglaries and robberies in the area. The police call Hudson a chronic thief.

“She has an extensive criminal history – many thefts, burglaries all over western Pennsylvania ranging from Butler County and Slippery Rock to here in Allegheny County,” Korczyk said.

Hudson’s hearing was postponed. She is now scheduled to face the charges in court next Thursday.

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