WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — A school superintendent in Washington County waived his hearing on domestic abuse charges today in part because he plans to pursue similar charges against the woman he’s accused of attacking.

Superintendent Paul Kasunich was suspended with pay from the Trinity Area School District after his live-in girlfriend, Darlene Tartaglione accused him of domestic abuse.

“We sought a [protection from abuse order]; that PFA will be heard against her on Monday,” defense attorney Robert Del Greco told KDKA.

“We are going to attempt to pursue a complaint against her for simple assault charges,” Del Greco added. “No mistake about it, our contention is that Paul was attacked, smacked, sustained injuries — attacked with a vase — and that he has every right to have a redress as a result of that.”

Tartaglione, who is a principal in another school district, declined comment.

The case has raised eyebrows in the school district — particularly since it came to light during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

While the PFA case against her moves forward next week, the Trinity School Board must now decide how long Kasunich should remain suspended with pay and his future with the district.

“That’s going to be a determination the board of school directors is going to have to make,” school board attorney Thomas Breth added. “I’ll report back to them that this has been waived to court and they’ll discuss the matter and make that determination.”

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